“I don’t know,” Lizabeth mumbled pulling the covers back over her head.
“Come on, which do you think is better?”
“Go shower or something, won’t you, Rob?”
Rob shrugged and kissed her forehead before bunching up his jeans and briefs and headed for the shower. Lizabeth stretched, arms trembling, and snuggled back into the blankets. It was too bright out. It’s always too bright out. She groaned when the door creaked as Rob snuck back in to grab his deodorant. Seeing Lizabeth turn annoyed towards the wall, he snuck up to the bed and jumped on top the bundled bulge, searching for arms to pin and straddling a stomach to minimize twisting and bucking.
“Get off, you fuck!” Lizabeth kicked and strained her arms trying to land a smack. “Get off me! I’m not joking – get the fuck off me!”
Playful teasing had taken an unanticipated turn. Rob felt a stirring in his loins. Seeing her struggle, tangled hazelnut hair in her mouth, eyes, twisting and jerking, knowing nothing she could do would knock him off excited him, invigorated him. He watched her jerk and thrust her hips and a curious look flashed into her eye as she felt him getting hard against her stomach.
“Rob, what are you doing, man? Get off.” Jack jerked Rob loose and let him drop to the floor. “Don’t tease the girl, man. When she wants it she’ll come asking for it. No worries.” He slapped him on the back with a grin and let himself fall down onto the bed at Lizabeth’s feet. He flashed her a raw smile, entertained. Leaning back, picking at a thumbnail he asked, “So, to the lake?”
Lizabeth flung the covers back, made a wide berth passing by Rob, and slammed the bathroom door. The pipes moaned as the shower turned on.
“The lake it is then,” Jack said happily. He reached to give Rob a hand back up and pulled him to the bed. “Best to make some sandwiches before we go. She’s a bit pissed this morning, eh? Turkey then, or chicken?”
“She likes turkey best.”
“Turkey it is then. How’s sleeping with Lizabeth Nye?”
“What, she didn’t let you warm your hands between those gorgeous things? Did you ask nicely? Are they fake?”
“Kept taking the blanket.”
“Ha, that slut. ‘Course she would. I knew she would.” He rocked himself to his feet. A little too much enthusiasm almost landed him on his face. “Well I’m going to go find my hat. If you had to guess, where would it be?”
“Already checked. Maybe the freezer, though. Good idea. Be ready in about twenty, yeah? Tell Liz.”
Rob absently listened to Jack stampeding down the stairs as pulled the sheets smooth across the bed and folded the blanket at the foot, straightened the pillows and picked Lizabeth’s shirt and bra off the floor, folding them and putting them on the chair by the window. He headed for the bathroom. Opening the door a wave of heat and steam immersed him in the sweet smell of vanilla and lilacs.
“Liz? I’m just grabbing my stuff.” He could see a curvaceous silhouette blurred behind a thick mosaic glass door and thought about fish when the familiar stirring tickled him again. He looked away. “Think you’ll be ready in about twenty minutes? Jack wants to get to the lake before sunrise.”
Lizabeth slid the door open and leaned out just slightly, breasts glistening under a veil of water. Rob tried anxiously to keep his eyes on his feet. He suddenly became painfully aware of his own nakedness. Vanilla and lilac soaked his thoughts like an intoxicant.
“Say again?” She bore her gaze on him, daring him to look up.
“Ready in, er … twenty minutes, or so? Jack wants to know.”
“I said,” he struggled, raising his voice uncomfortably, “do you think you’ll be ready in twenty minutes or so?”
Confused, he hesitantly looked up to meet her eyes. She was standing right in front of him. Her nipples brushed gently against his chest.
“What, do you always start things and then not finish them, Rob?” That same wonton desire flashed in her eyes, daring him. He grabbed her arms and forced her back into the shower. The hot water ran over them both.



Clarkston, United States

  • Artist
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