Well then. I saw an ad for a competition on my gmail and now I’m here, uploading artwork and declaring that I am an artist. I want to laugh at my audacity. After all, I’m not just new to this website, but new to art in a sense as well. Although I’ve been doodling and sketching since as long as I can remember (I wielded a pencil as well as an eight year old as some people do at my age), I’ve never felt like I received any formal training. Nobody every ‘taught’ me to paint, to draw, or whatever else. Yet, now, I want to believe that I truly am an artist and that I deserve as much as anyone else to call myself an artist. I’ve always thought that I was talented, but I think that that was always my ego taking hold of me. Now, I can look at my work and see where it isn’t good enough. I think this is a first step towards improving my work technically but also in finding a deeper meaning for my art and myself.

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