Features and Ten Tops for the last week ending Monday 9-11-09

I’d like to give a BIG thank you to all the hosts of these wonderful groups

The World As We See It , or as we missed it
For featuring the following works in the last few days*
Farewell to my trusted 350D Canon

Grandpa and I

Roses For Me

Profile Of A Little Girl In Sepia

Luna Park Reflection


Necropolis-Rookwood, Frazer Mausoleum

Witches, Wizards and Warlocks

For the feature 7 days ago of*
Dark Moon Over The Graveyard

Cee’s Fun Artsy Friends
For the feature 5 days ago of
Time’s Never Still

Family Unlimited
For the feature 5 days ago of
Roses For Me

AND 4 days ago*
Grandpa and I

Cats and Dogs
For the feature of
Taking a Short Break

Two Beings Group
For the feature 3 days ago of
Grandpa and I

Art By Bubble Hosts
Thankyou to the guess host navybrat for selecting this image that’s very special to me*
Sibling Love

I really appreciate them very much !!!!! THANK YOU

In the challenge November Challenge " Portrait "
*The World As We See It , or as we missed it

Little Girl All In Pink

IN the challenge Coffee Time
The Woman Photographer
It’s Coffee Time

*Many, many , many thanks to all that voted !!!!!!!!! *

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