HI EVERY ONE, this is my first journal ENTRY, I will say it loud and PROUD.

HOW I DISCOVERED THIS PLACE? Well i was surfing the net for writing blogs and something that was similar to Myspace, but for aspiring writing and that is when i came across this website!

It is a fanatastic website and i hope that i will be able view other people’s work. It’s not only the writer work that i’m interested in If you check out my favourites i JUST LOVE those images there extremely creative.

I love fantasy genre in all area’s. That is why i love to write fantasy and read anything that is fantasy. However i will stray over to Biographical books because they are an inspiration to read. People lead amazing lives and there own paths…

Pleas tell me if there are any other interesting reads in the SHORT STORY COMPs because i don’t have to much time to spend on the internet. I Only went by the titles, when i went throught them. So if there are any fantasy genre that are interesting in the comp, please tell me, because i DON"T GET TIME TO FLICK THROUGH THEM!!


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