Thanks RedBubble!

I recently purchased a laminated copy of my “Looking West” photograph. I was curious about how the whole system works from a customer’s point of view and what the finished product would actually look like! I purposefully chose a black and white print because I’ve found that they are the most difficult and technical to print digitally.

I am very pleased to report that the speed of delivery and print quality were very impressive. I didn’t take long at all (plus I was updated by email every step of the way), and the print is a beautiful example of black and white printing, that is, great contrast, clear and sharp and (most importantly!) without colour cast! It reminds me of the prints I was making on Ilford Multigrade paper back when I was studying!

I love real black and white prints, and the team at RedBubble have delivered the goods on this one! I leave my photos with confidence that what I produce in my digital darkroom will in fact end up on the printed page.

Thanks again Bubblerinos!

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