Christmas Spirit

I received a gift today! I got some Entrecard credits from another blogger.

These are credits you pay for or earn by visiting blogs and leaving your card. You then use these credits to advertise on other peoples blogs.

The site has brought a good amount of traffic to my photography blog and I’ll just have to wait and see how far it goes.

Many traffic exchange sites such as blogmad have failed because they just don’t work, people just spam the system – no one leaves any quality comments and everyone just walks away.

There is still a few good ones around such as blog explosion which only survives because of the variety of ways to exchange traffic. There are also some people at blogexplosion who really do make it a quality site.

I kind of got lost there rambling on but I’m in the Christmas spirit – although I still subscribe to the it’s too early mentality…

Now all that needs to be done is to capture some pictures of Christmas, we need snow first – all we have is the cold.

- Evan

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