December 1, 2012 the year of the Dragon. Over the last ten years our plant has reacted negatively to its infestation of humans, their waste and their destructive force. Hurricanes, earth quakes, tsunamis, tornados, drought, and forest fires are happening with more and more regularity. Crops are failing. Livestock are dieing from new and powerful viruses. Fish wash up on our shores daily. The first human clone was born in July, if you can say that it was born. Global warming is here, and wars still rages in Africa and the Middle East. The United States is still the only country in the world with out health care for its citizens. The Drug lobbies there have succeeded in passing new legislation that would make it a felony to buy drugs from foreign drug companies. California has passed new vagrancies laws, to deal with their large and growing homeless population. The first work camp will open later this month, just in time for Christmas. According to the Mayan’s in twenty days, December 21, 2012 the earth will align with the galactic center releasing cosmic energy affecting everything in our universe. This force will awaken a new spiritual awareness and hunger for answers. Nostradamus says that the one that will come forth. The Male will have complete consciousness empowered by intention. The Male will mesmerize the masses, leaving only the children of the light, true to the source. In Israel the Essenes have resurfaced at Qumran, praying for are souls and waiting for the return of the teacher of righteousness. Its four am in Chicago. Peterson’s cab heads south on I94. The light poles go flying by. There’s not a soul in sight. He reaches over and puts in a tape, lights up a joint and rolls down the window. Vanishing point is his favorite movie. He speeds up 80, 90, a 100. He turns up the sound and starts to sing along “PLEASE ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MY SELF I AM MAN OF WEALTH AND FAME”. He has a flash back towards the of end movie, he can see him self crashing into the bulldozers’, he can see the explosion, the huge ball of flames. If there was a road block ahead it would all be over in a second. But not today. He would make it to North Ave in ten minutes. Heads east to North Ave beach for a couple more J’s and a sunrise. In the day it would of taken hours. That’s why he likes to work nights. It’s a different world. The people you meet and what they will tell you! As he pulls into his spot at North Ave beach he turns down the sound, turns off the car and lights up. Today is his last session at the VA. If the guys only knew. It’s better this way. No one will really know what’s going on. Here comes the sun, the sky lights up with reds, oranges and yellow. The lake is like glass. He tries to lose himself in the beauty. But his phone alarm goes off; it’s time to head for the VA. He finishes his join and heads south on Lake Shore Dr. As he passes by the 680 building, Dr Janus building. Dr Diana Janus is his psychologist. Her alarm rings and rings, Allen just lays there. Diana reaches over him and turns it off. Allen’s still out. He should be, he had way too much wine last night. Dan will be in town on Monday, Allen’s best friend and the love of her life. She makes her way into the kitchen. The coffee is brewing, if only it tasted as good as it smelled. She looks out the window as the snow begins to fall soft and white. The 680 building is right on Lake Shore Dr as it made its turn south, the view is fabulous. Diana is a successful psychologist with a great practice in the gold cost. Not today, the last Saturday of every month she is a volunteer at the Lakeside VA. Why does she do this? Allen hates it. Cindy talked her into it about three years ago. Cindy introduced Diana to Dan, and of course Dan and Allen were roommates.

Dan swiped Diana off her feet. He was romantic, funny, a great kisser, but a dreamer with a little idiosyncratic deification. Diana thought he would change after law school. He did for awhile. A job with a great law firm in Chicago. She took a job at Northwestern out patient’s services. She thought they were the perfect couple. Secretly she was planning their wedding. One night at dinner he was unusually quiet and then he started, it must have been building for months. All lawyers were whores. The whole system was flawed. Democracy at the national level doesn’t work, at least the way we practice it. We were an egocentric society that still worships the golden calf. A society whose motto isn’t “In God we trust,” but “Too much is never enough”. He thought that they should sell everything and travel, see the world and discover life. He said that they didn’t know anything about anything and that they needed to get away for a few years. He though they were becoming too successful to fast and that money would corrupt their souls and blind them. She was crushed. She wanted a larger condo on Lake Shore Dr, with a closet full of shoes. She told him there was nothing wrong with being successful and having nice things, they could still help people. Do their part. She’ll never forget that look he gave her. She didn’t understand. He said that none of this was real and that we were becoming zombies. A few days later he was gone. He gave her the car, the condo and a letter. She still has the letter somewhere. Allen was there to pick up the pieces. Allen was always there, steady, reliable and a very successful lawyer. He helped Diana start her practice. Now they have more money that can spend in two lifetimes. Dan wrote Allen more that he wrote Diana. Diana never knew if any of her letters ever reached him. It’s been over five years now. Cindy called last night; Diana and Allen had dinner with Cindy and her new husband William. William is a lobbyist for a major drug company. William and Allen got along great, swapping war stories. Bragging about whose company wrote the most bills or kept the wrong bills from seeing the light of day.
Why did Cindy have to bring Dan up? While Allen was filling in William about Dan, Cindy told Diana about Dan. She ran into Dan at the airport in LA, Dan saw her first, he pinched her and as she turn around to slap him she saw that crooked smile of his. Cindy gave him a hug and kiss. They had lunch and talked for hours. He looked the same his hair was long again. All Cindy would tell Diana was that he’s been every were, thinks about her often and will be in town Sunday morning. He’s having dinner with Cindy and William, Sunday night. She wanted Allen and Cindy to come as well. Dinner is at seven. Cindy knew that Allen had to be in Washington, Sunday afternoon. Diana told her that she would make it. The phone rings Diana answers it. It’s the doorman.

Doorman: Dr. Janice, Mary is here for you.

Diana: Thank you George, I’ll be down it a minute.

Mary was the most unusual homeless person in the world. Or at least Diana thought so. Some even wondered if she was homeless at all. One story was that she was an eccentric millionaire. Their were others ranging from witch to an angel. Most people just wanted to help her, but no one knew where to find her. She would just show up. Diana met her out side of Starbucks at Lake Side VA about two years ago. It was cold, very cold. Diana invited her in for coffee and they hit it off right away. Mary is a very special person who all ways know what to say and when to say it. She would always know if something was wrong and what it was. Just being with her would make most people feel good. She never had to ask for money, people would just give it to her.

Mary: Good morning, I can’t make it today sweetie but I did bring you a latte

Diana: Thank you is everything okay.

Mary: Yes, I’ll see you next week. You should walk today the snow feels wonderful.

Diana: Ok I could use the exercise. George calls Mary a cab.

As George calls Mary a Cab. Diana gives Mary a big hug and slips some money in her pocket. Lake Side VA is about a mile away from Diana’s place. There is something magical about the first snow fall. The flakes are big, floating, gliding downward, dissolving as they hit the pavement. The streets are quiet. The city is asleep. The silence is deafening. She begins to think about Dan. Why did he leave her? Why didn’t she go with him? She tries not to think about him. She looks out at the lake and the snow falling, Dan who! She starts to think about her day and her group of vets. Today she’ll listen to someone else’s broken dreams and the windmills that they are trying to slay. She hopes no one will say any of key words. That would start the tapes rolling. The whole session would be recorded. Those nuts at Homeland Security would be by. Her guys might be taken away for questioning. And the reports she would have to do. Well she’s there, Lake Side VA. Shall she run or go in.

Receptionist: Good morning Dr. Janice

Diana: Good morning. I smell coffee.

Receptionist: Yeah I hope you like it strong.

Diana: Today I need it.

Diana grabs a cup of coffee and heads down the hall to her office for the day. Everyone keeps their doors locked and the patients medicated. It’s a full house, unusual for a Saturday morning. She passes through the gauntlet and makes to the safety of her office. To day she has Mr. Peterson and then his group. The one he never wanted to join and now loves. She does feel safe when Mr. Peterson’s around. He’s kind of short but with a big barrel chest and powerful hands. He has that look that says don’t even try! He has helped Diana out more that a few times. Only once did he have to stand up and give that look. Mr. Peterson was with the Fourth Infantry Division in Iraq. He has too many highs and lows, and now they find out that he has temporal lobe epilepsy and with it a tendency to explode. Diana sometimes thinks that one day she’ll wake up and read in the papers about some oil man or media executive that was killed by a sniper. He would always say he couldn’t stand it when someone would piss on his leg and tell him it was raining. Especially the government, the media or big corporations. He calls himself a spiritual man not a religious man. He also feels that he can step inside someone and feel what they were feeling, see images of their lives. Peterson makes his way through the hall and knocks Dr. Janice’s door.

Diana: Good morning Mr. Peterson I’m ready for you.

Mr. Peterson: Good morning Doc nice to see you.

Diana: Have a seat.

Mr. Peterson sits down; Diana says nothing it usually takes him a minute or two to get started.

Mr. Peterson: I feel good today, didn’t take my meds last night. I don’t do that a lot, but sometimes when I do I get his euphoric feeling. The sunrise was beautiful today, it seemed to last forever. People today have a problem with God and religion. We really need to take an evolutionary step forward spiritually. It seems that darkness or evil is winning at everything and it’s affecting our planet. I use to think that you couldn’t fight fire with fire. But that’s what firefighters do to combat forest fires, and if it is in nature maybe its true in the spiritual realm as well. Maybe Armageddon is not some future war, but one that is too fought daily or hourly or every waken minute and not just our own struggle with lust, envy, and greed but with pragmatism it’s self. Pragmatism at the national level. Driven by greed. Profit has to no soul, no conscience. The human cost in it all is just a variable in the Law of Diminishing Returns. Look at Iraq today, our oil companies take sixty cents of every dollar of oil produced in that country. The same is true in Afghanistan with its natural gas pipe line. Civil War still rages in both countries. With hundreds of thousands dead and seven times that wounded or maimed. We as Americans are responsible for our government’s actions. Yet I think we’ve all accepted the fact that there is little if anything any of us can do about it. Our government has forged a new social contract with Big Business. One that they and our Media tell us will benefit us in the long run. Both the government and the media throw that word Freedom around so much so that at I don’t what it means. Don’t know if I ever have. Don’t know if any of us have ever experience it. Did you get your barcode yet Doc?

Diana: I guess they do look like barcodes. It’s better than the National ID Cards and it does make us safer.

Peterson: Safe from whom? Doc you’re pretty and I love ya, but some times I think that you’re really a blond. I know you’ve read Emerson, Emerson said “That Society always consists in greatest part of young and foolish persons. The old, who have seen through the hypocrisy of courts and statesmen, die and leave no wisdom to their sons.” It’s not as if the old haven’t tried, but the young being true to their nature have to experience it. Once they do they two choices, do something about it or except it and move forward. Moving forward usually means a share in the booty with new doors opening. Take a stand against a stacked deck and you’ll be plowed under. Maybe it’s time to fight fire with fire. Corporations have standing armies. They call them security forces and these guys aren’t just regular grunts. Their all ex Special Forces with experience in black ops. A squad of these guys could take out a battalion. If they can’t buy you or discredit you they’ll kill you and make it look like an accident or a suicide.

Diana: Mr. Peterson you really should take your meds.

Mr. Peterson: Come on Doc I’ve been on so many pills. I take the ones I need to take. The rest are really just sedatives. I don’t drink. With Mary Jane I haven’t exploded on any one in a long time. Besides everything I said is true. Who would have though that all those years ago when the Soviet Union was breaking apart and headed for democracy, that we would start to drift towards fascism. I guess we couldn’t handle the power, we still can’t.

Diana: Lets talk about something else; we don’t need those tapes to start rolling.

Mr. Peterson: Hell I don’t care any more. I’ve become oblivious too it all. Camera’s on every corner. They monitor the books we read. Listen to phone calls. Block access to foreign news outlets. Read our e-mail and blow smoke up our asses. I’m too old for this shit. I’ve already drank their cool-aid. They can go fuck themselves, let them roll the tapes.

Diana: We have group after our session today. How do you like the guys?

Mr. Peterson: I like the guys. I served with some of them and know Larry from friends. You were right about the group sessions they do help. Sometimes their’s just too much Bull Shit out their. I mean these fucks are stealing right in front our eyes. Shit their stealing so much that it’s become second nature to them and some are becoming sloppy and some young idealist reporter that still believes that the media can play a valuable roll in society by becoming our collective conscience. You know slap us in the face, WAKE UP ZOMMIBES, when are oil companies are sending are brave noble warriors to steal in the name of Freedom. This young, for there are no old, idealist stumbles a pond their thievery and we all shake or heads in discus and forget about it till the case. That’s the worst of it; these kids would storm the gates of hell for us. Think of all the wars in the name of god. That’s fucking crazy Doc, fighting over how to worship God. And how its freedom. Were going around the world freeing people from themselves, didn’t they call that slavery? Do they make Prozac for governments? What did you ask me? The guys, the guys are great.

Diana: Good, it’s been over a year now. Say, you have a big date coming up with an old girl friend don’t you?

Mr. Peterson: Tonight, fifty two not old, but if your thirty two you might think so. I feel the same; it’s just sometimes I don’t recognize the person in the mirror. Nice switch Doc.

The phone rings, it’s the receptionist telling Diana that the rest of the group is here.

Diana: Sorry, the group is here. Do you mind if we cut it a little short today?

Mr. Peterson: No, not at all, in a few hours I’ll be ready to crash and burn.

Diana: Good, if you could get the guys together and head towards the meeting room. Say ten minutes. Ask Capt. Dole to make the coffee. I think he brings his own from home. It’s great.

Mr. Peterson: For you Doc anything.

Mr. Peterson gets the guys together. Mac Larson an Iraq vet, three tours, a grunt. Larry Mars a medic, three tours in Iraq one in Afghanistan. The last member of the group Capt. Doyle. The elder statesmen, a Vietnam and Iraq vet. With three tours in Nam and four in Iraq. Doyle had made Major three times, but kept getting bussed. Capt. Doyle finishes making the coffee as Doc Janus walks in. Mac and Larry are disconnecting the bugs.

Diana: Good morning sailors, just kidding gentlemen.

All: Good morning Doc.

Mac: The ears are unplugged.

Capt. Doyle: Here come the questions.

Larry: Just start complaining about everything. You’ll be out of their so fast. Hell sometimes I’ll walk them out to their car bitching about something. Peterson your stoned.

Mr. Peterson: Just a little buzzed.

Diana: So let’s see what we have going today. Capt. Doyle has us reading Emerson.

Capt. Doyle: We fished him, if one can. We were reading The Essential Writings of Emerson. Theirs much more. It does make you wonder were are today’s great thinkers. And why are they silent. Are they all bought and paid for by our two masters, Republican and Democrat? To spin history and stand logic and philosophy on their heads. Or maybe they are hidden away in some small college. Afraid of the political correctness of their words or Homeland Security and their attack dog the IRS.

Larry: It is amazing that a third party hasn’t surfaced as a major player.

Mac: Two is easier to control that three or four. Besides why should the big two want to give power away? Big business doesn’t want it. It would mean more people to bribe. The media has all ready gravitated to one party or the other. There is no room. They give us thesis and antithesis, what need do they have in synthesis? There is no profit in the lost of power.

Larry: Speaking of Ralph, let me read you a little. This is from his second series of essays on that dirty word, Politics. “ In dealing with the State we ought to remember that its institutions are not aboriginal, though they existed before we were born; that they are not superior to the citizen; that every one of them was once the act of a single man; every law and usage was a man’s expedient to meet a particular case; that they all are imitable; we may make as good, we may make better.”

Mr. Peterson: Not so fast slick. A few pages in and he says, “Every actual State is corrupt. Good men must not obey the laws too well. What satire on government can equal the severity of censure conveyed in the word politic, which now for ages has signified cunning, intimating that the State is a trick.”

Capt. Doyle: You know Emerson was a silent backer of John Brown. He said that “He was a man to make friends wherever on earth courage and integrity are esteemed, the rarest of heroes, a pure idealist, with no by-ends of his own.”

Mac: Old King George the second, aka dumb dumb, would have called him a terrorist.

Mr. Peterson: That word gets tossed around a lot. So I looked it up one day. The dictionary says it is one who adopts or support s a policy of terrorism. A Jacobin or Republican of the French Revolution of 1789, especially during the Reign of Terror. A member of political extremist groups in czarist Russia. An alarmist. A scaremonger. Now I looked up terrorism as well, again the dictionary says that it is the act of terrorizing. A system of government that seeks to rule by intimidation. Unlawful acts of violence committed in an organized attempt to overthrow a government.

Larry: Can one mans terrorist be another mans freedom fighter?

Mac: It depends on who’s side you’re on.

Mr. Peterson: Kind of, ultimately terrorism is a weapon the weak use against the strong. It will always be used. It’s also a way to control one’s citizens, like a President using fear to secure control of our military. The man would be King of the world. With no one to answer too, not even God!

Capt. Doyle: When most people hear the word terrorist they think of a car bomb, a buss exploding or a suicide bomber.

Larry: A couple of planes.

Mr. Peterson: Right, it’s the targets. One doesn’t target civilians. Forget the moral implications’. It’s stupid. It demeans the cause. Look what bunch of pot smoking hippies and a media with a conscience did to the Vietnam War.

Mac: Congress doesn’t declared war any more. It’s become the divine right of the King.

Capt. Doyle: Peterson, so what you’re saying is the word terrorist isn’t strong enough, not for those who would target civilians. It would end that saying “one mans terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.”

Larry: It would end some bullshit. Through out history freedom fighters have been called terrorist. Terrorist know this, and they revel in it.

Mac: We need a new word.

Capt. Doyle: The real question is how can the weak negotiate with the strong? What position do they have? That’s why there will always be Terrorist and terrorism.

Mr. Peterson: Funny how that works. You can only Piss on people so much before they snap, worst still to me any how is to watch others suffer. You get that helpless feeling. That drives me crazy.

Larry: That why you been arrested so much Peterson.

Mr. Peterson: Hay never arrested, I’ve been in court a few times. Never convicted. Besides the fucks deserved it.

Mac: I told ya man, you need to meditate. I turn all the lights out at night in the living room. The bay windows let in a little light from the street light. It’s my own personal moon. I sit there smoke a join have a little Merlot and just breathe.

Larry: I tried meditating; I kept looking for some trap door in the back of my mind. Never could find one. But this living room thing sounds good.

Mac: I’m telling ya man. You can find a little peace.

Larry takes out his flask and doctors up everyone’s coffee.

Larry: A little Christmas cheer, lighten up Peterson it’s just a sweetener. Once a year not going to kill ya.

Mr. Peterson: What the hell.

Diana: Now boys you’re going to get me in trouble.

Mr. Peterson: If anyone bothers you Doc, their the one’s that are in trouble.

Capt. Doyle: One last word from old Ralph. It’s from the first series of essays, Circles. “One man thinks justice consists in paying debts, and has no measure in his abhorrence of another who is remiss in this duty and makes the creditor wait tediously. But that second man has his own way at looking at things; ask him, which debt must I pay first, the debt to the rich, or the debt to the poor? The debt of money or the debt of thought to mankind, of genus to nature?” So, I ask myself, what do I owe to society, to the Vets who have died for this country, to mankind. I see this storm coming and the question is what to do?

Mr. Peterson: Been there, done that. I don’t know. Its like were deer frozen in the head lights of an on coming car. All I know is that evil exist because good people let it.

Larry: To bad we don’t live back in the Days of Camelot. We could slay a few dragons; the Black Knight was always the bad guy. Honor and shivery ruled the day.


Diana: That was wonderful.

Mac: My cousin’s wife got us ticks last month to see Camelot. She gets free tickets to just about everything that plays in Chicago.

Diana: I think we should get Mr. Peterson to tell us about his big date tonight.

All: Yeah.

Mr. Peterson: Well it’s been about thirty-four years now, high school. She was a cheerleader and I played football. I had to join the army. I was a tad wild and got into a little trouble. I got the Dear John letter about a year and a half in. We stayed friends and continued to write reach other. One day I called her from Iraq and she told me she was getting married, I could tell by her voice that their was still something there. She asked me why I wasn’t trying to talk her out of it. We started to flirt over the phone but her fiancé was getting jealous. So we cut it short. A few years ago I ran into some old buddies, they filled me in about her. She got divorced about ten years ago. That’s about the same time I started to have dreams about her. I all most sold everything, with the idea of going back to California and look for her, steal her away. But fate had different plan. Any way in turns out that she fly’s to Chicago a lot on business. So I got her number and called her. She’s flying in to night. A limo is picking her up at the airport at five. They’ll take her to her hotel and then to me at Gibson’s for dinner, then to the planetarium.

Mac: It’s closed at night.

Mr. Peterson: Not the view, it’s perfect. Magical, a few miles away the city is exploding with people and there we have the city to ourselves. Hopefully we’ll make it for a sunrise.

Capt. Doyle: Romantic devil.

Diana: Yes he is.

Mr. Peterson: The bad part is she’s getting married in a few weeks to some millionaire she met playing golf.

Mac: I hate that game.

Capt. Doyle: You play all the time.

Mac: I know, still hate it.

Larry: Peterson, Why put your self through all this? I know some women that will make you forget your name! They may cost a little more that your excursion you have planed for tonight, but man you’ll thank me in the morning.

Mr. Peterson: I want to go back in time. See if this vision. This dream of love. The kind that makes everything comes alive. The moon and stars shine for you every night. You walk on clouds. Days and nights become to short. Her voice sends your heart pounding. Her eyes penetrate your soul. You can’t speak, you can’t think. Then in a blink of an eye it was all gone. The years go by and you wonder was it real, was she real? Does that person still exist? Has life hardened her? Does she remember the things that you do? Does she want to remember?

Larry: Dude, She getting married!

Diana: He needs closure.

Mac: I know what he means. I’ve got a great women. She’s a maid, a cook, she’s beautiful, and she’s like those women you know Larry. Except I don’t get charged. And at night I can slap her on the ass and she always rolls over. Well except when she growls and even then if I wait her out till morning, she’ll roll over.

Mr. Peterson: It just that it would be good to see her and see if she’s the same. It would be nice if she’s still that pure loving soul. What ever happens, happens. I’m not expecting anything. I just what to see; besides I’m set in my ways now and have my own agenda.

Larry: Driving your cab!

Mr. Peterson: Yeah, driving my Taxi. It’s better to a poor King that a rich servant.

Diana: Capt. Doyle how are things with your niece?

Capt. Doyle: She’s going to have the baby. The boy friend is out and she’s moving back in with me.

Larry: He was pushing her to have an abortion, right?

Capt. Doyle: Yeah, I raised her to be tough and make her own decisions. So I was careful of what I said to her. I did tell her what happened to me and my first girlfriend and that were no do overs in life. In the end she told me that their was life inside her and it wasn’t her life to take.

Mac: Cool, Larry I want to buy a round.

Larry pours every one a drink and they all tost the baby.

Diana: Our times just about up. This is a good spot to stop.

Capt. Doyle: Let me pass out are next book.

Diana: More light reading.

Mr. Peterson: That what the movies are for, Doc. No thinking, just sit back and escape.

Diana: Everyone have a great holiday, and I’ll see you next year.

The guys all file out. Diana stays and finishes her paper work hoping she doesn’t get a call from security. Larry and Capt. Doyle ride home together. Mr. Peterson waits for Mac out back in his cab, as Mac picks up his Medication. Mr. Peterson rolls joint, lights it up as Mac opens the door gets it and they take off.

Mac: Shit Peterson, I’m going to smell like.

Mr. Peterson: A skunk, tell her we hit a skunk. Want some?

Mac: I’m getting enough already. Turn the raido down dude. Wait I like this song. Give me some of that.

Mr Peterson: This is better that those pills your taking and it doesn’t fuck with your liver. The only reason it isn’t leagle is the drug companies can’t make billions off something you can grow on your own.

Mac: You forgot Califorina, Washington, and Oregon.

Mr. Peterson: Yeah, but who wants to live there. Earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, and mud slides when it does rain.

Mac: The weather is nice, but the cops are nuts. I got pulled over for walking out there. I mean these guys acted like I just killed some one. They wanted to know what I was doing. Who I was here to see, where they lived? They frisked me, and scanned my identity code.

Mr. Peterson: Your bar code, you piece of meat. What did you tell him?

Mac: I was on vacation!

Mr. Peterson: You’re lucky you live in the land of the free.

Mac: You wouldn’t last out there.

Mr. Peterson: That’s why I’m here.

Mac: Here! Drop me off at the L. I’ll get home faster. Thanks man, good luck tonight.

Mac gets out of the cab and runs to catch the A train. Mr. Peterson heads home to crash; he has to be at Gibson’s at eight. Mac makes his train, there’s a set towards the rear he grabs it and looks around everyone has that blank look on their faces, except the homes man preaching about the end of the world. He doesn’t seem to faze anyone. The conductor yells out his stop, JARVIS. Back at the VA Diana finishes her paper work and heads home, the snow has stoped. She hopes that Allen has gone so she can relax, take a nap and get ready for tonight. What should she wear? Dress up or break out the college clothes, maybe some flowers in her hair. No, the black dress wins. Diana makes it home; the door man opens the door.

Doorman: Doctor Janus.

Diana: Hi George, has William left.

Doorman: Yes Ma’am, about twenty minutes ago.

Diana: Thank you.

Diana heads upstairs; she opens the door and makes her way to the bedroom, sets the alarm for five and hits the bed. In minutes she in dream land with Dan, replaying all the good times and the last time they had dinner together. Less that a mile away, Dan sits on the balcony at Cindy’s and William’s condo over looking the lake and Navy Pier, its been five years since he’s seen her. Dan had loved that bright free spirted soul, Diana Janus. Over time she started to drift more and more towards a more structured life. On the fast track for fame and riches. No more time for the things that made her, who she was. And Dan was defending a bunch of rich low life’s. One too many! He too was on Diana’s fast track. Then it hit him, it wasn’t just his last case, but one day he woke up and wasn’t sure were he was or what he come? He wishes Diana would of come with him, although their were times when he was glad she wasn’t because of the danger. Diana’s beauty and body would have been a deadly force. He wonder if she new that Allen gay. She had to, it’s been five years. Dan asked Allen to look after Diana; he didn’t think he would marry her. Dan was pissed at Allen for awhile. But as Allen had told him in a letter. It was hard for him to have sex with a women and he should be thankfull that he was holding her for him and that she was so wrapped up in her business that he was really missing anything. As Dan started to think about it, it was the perfict arangement. Besides he didn’t plan this, it just happen that way. He just hopes that she not to polished. That a spark of her old self is still alive. You can’t realy see the stars at night in downtown Chicago, but the lights form the buildings and the lake front not to menshion the lights and fireworks from Navy Pier are a close second. Dan hears the door bell ring he knows its Diana. He just sits there and drinks his wine. Make her wait he thinks, make her wait. Cindy knoks on this door, with a glass of wine in her hand. She’s half smashed.

Cindy: Dan, Diana is here, come out come out were ever you are.

Dan takes one more slow drink and heads for the door. He opens the door and smiles at Cindy. She kisses him on cheak leaving a perfit kiss mark in bold red lipsick. They walk arm and arm down the hall. In the front room Diana asked William.

Diana: So were is he, is he making me wait or is he a coward.

William: A little bit of both, if he is smart.

Diana: William will you be a dear and make me a drink. Gray Goose, rocks a splash of water and a twist.

William: I’ed love to.

Cindy and Dan make their apperance. Dan walks towards Diana; she just stands there looking like a goddess. He grabs her and kisses her. Diana pushes him away. Cindy walks towards the bar and another glass of wine.

Dan: I never did get to kiss the bride. I go for a pack of gum and my best friend steals my girl. Were is Allen?

Diana: He’s in Washington bribing as many politicians as he can, you know fun and games.

Diana walks back towards Dan, grabs his tie pulls him near and kisses him then as she walks away she slaps her ass and saying.

Diana: You had your chance Mr.

Dan: You should have come with me.

Diana: Me in the desert and the jungle! Were would I buy shoes?

Dan: Yes, of course, I forgot. How many pairs do we have?

Cindy: How kids, no fighting before dinner.

William: Yes, after dinner. After the fireworks or durning. Dinner awaits us.

Dan: It smells great, are you the cook.

Cindy: I’ll have you know that I am a great cook. It just so happens, that William did help.

Dan: Did you at lease boil the water.

Diana: Cindy supervised.

Cindy: Yes, I did. Good help is hard to find. Isn’t that right William.

William: Yes my love.

Durning dinner the conversation go’s from the good old college days and Dan’s five year odyssey to what William would call a new world order.

William: I mean realy to you want some drunk or addict selling their vote for a bottle or the next fix. Should that vote count? Should the uneducated masses determine the future? We have a responsibility to the world as the only supper power to forge ahead through our international corporations to control and plan growth throughout the world. Electronic voting is a safeguard, that gives the illusion of freedom.

Cindy: Now William leave Nietzsche in the book case.

William: Yes my love now rude of me.

Cindy: December 21 2012 doomsday. You have twenty days left what do you do with them. But before we start, William be a Dear and bring more wine.

Dan: What no servants!

Cindy: Just William. Dan what will you do with your time.

Dan: Start a revolution against William’s new world order.

William is back with the wine.

William: I heard that, what a wast of time. I would buy Cindy an Island and we would spend the time making love, eating lobester, and drinking the best of our wine collection.

Diana: No revolutions Dan, what would you do with your time.

Dan: Spend it with you.

Diana: I’ll be spending my time with Allen.

Willaim: An arrow though the hart.

Cindy askes William to turn on the fireplace in the living room as they start to migrates that way. Diana follows William. Cindy looks at Dan and says.

Cindy: Come you wounded beast.

Dan: I guess that would be me.

Cindy and Dan follow William and Diana into the living room. William turns on the fire place. He can’t help but notice the flashing lights from the helicopters, police boats, and squad cars.

William: Something big going on at Navy Pier.

William turns on the computervision as the latest new comes in. Karl Roveavelli former Republican strategist and current lobiest for Haliburn oil and gas was found dead in a bath room at Navy Pier, the victim of an apparent heart attack. Dan askes William.

Dan: Did you know him.

William: Yes, he was a very powerfull man. A master of sophistry.

Cindy: Turn off the computervision and turn on some music. We’ll read all about it in the morning.

William turns off the computervision and plays a CD, Mozart. The conversation turns back to doomsday. Between the music, the wine and the fire Cindy falls to sleep. William carries her off to bed and returns with more wine.

William: Diana how are your patients handling our pending doom. There seems a soothsayer on every corner.

Diana: Some better that others, the ones that belive in the end of the world aren’t so bad it’s the ones that belive in the antichrist that are scared and are scary.

Dan: One would think that the world religions would call a truce. Try and put a end to these wars.

William: Come on Dan every one loves a good war. The noblest of all wars are the ones over a women. Like the face that launched a thousand ships, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, or tell me what man wouldn’t go to war to save Guenevere. Noble war or not we rebuild what ever we destroy. We create new markets and that’s good for business. Besides there are too many people on this planet. Most of them are uneducated peasants. The Armed forces are a great place for them to quietly vent their rage were we want.

Diana: William, Cindy is calling you.

William: She is, O yes. I quess I’ll bid you a good night.

Dan: Good night William. Dinner was great.

Diana: Good night William!

William heads off to bed. Leaving Dan and Diana alone just the music, the fire and the snow.

Diana: He realy is a good person.

Dan: Cindy happy that’s all that counts.

Dan and Cindy talk for hours as Dan trys to warm those deadly cold feet of hers. But those beautiful feet lead to those incredible leggs. Her smell fills the air. Those lips, those eyes, it all becomes too much. He grabs her ankles and pulls her near. Clothes go flying. They tumble about like two falling eagles unaware of the earth below.



Chicgao, United States

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second draft, chapter one

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