Doing the morning rounds.

I’ve written more in the last couple of months than any other time in my life because I maintain a number of blogs that I try to keep current with different information. This morning I’m kind of doing the rounds. Visiting all my blogs. Some are quite active whilst others I haven’t posted to in over a year.

The inactive ones I try to maintain because they contain articles that appear in none of my other blogs. Some of these articles are quite humorous because they were spontaneous, random thoughts, organised into coherent concepts designed for no other purpose than to amuse.

I particularly like my first three posts in my Yahoo 360 blog that describe the typical process of the average non-writer trying to get into the ‘cool’ world of blogging. You can read the first of these <a href="">here</a>.

Although I describe myself as an artist and writer, I am only prolific as a writer because I’ve written, maybe hundreds, of short blog articles like this. I certainly don’t think I have the staying power to write the great Australian novel.

All the same, at some point I plan to collect together the best of my blog articles (because none of my blogs are diaries – each post is a self contained article) and publish them in a book.

Until then I’ll continue doing the rounds of my blogs, writing whatever it is that I wish to share at that moment. Much like this entry. Until I started writing I had no idea what it was that I wanted to say.

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