So much more to be extraordinary.

I don’t find writing for my Red Bubble journal particularly compelling. It seems to serve little or no purpose except for that brief moment of glory in seeing your latest post listed on the Red Bubble home page.

Which is a frustrating moment. Your carefully crafted essay is bumped off the list by several people who all made mundane, one sentence entries that failed to challenge or even record any kind of thought provoking observation. Fleeting, minimal, throw away comments.

For a short time, whilst you’re on the home page, your post may attract comments. Grateful though I am to those of you who have. There is nothing to notify you of receiving a response so you may check back in – if you remember. If you’re up for continuing the discussion.

The Red Bubble journal page seems to serve no purpose unless I use it to write about the art that I have uploaded. Then, maybe, it can provide further information. However the description, included along side the artwork, is more than adequate for this so the idea seems redundant.

Perhaps sharing more of myself makes me seem more human but who really factors in the quality of writing in an online journal when making an art print purchase? Do buyers even read these journals or is it just a lot of navel gazing by us creative types? … oh look a bit of fluff!

Perhaps these entries are for the joy of writing or for recording your work in progress? I’m sure there are any number of possibilities. I already have a blog for my joy of writing. I already have a blog for my work in progress. I have several other neglected blogs that contain a few gems of writing (if I do say so myself).

I don’t find the Red Bubble Journal compelling. There’s little to set it apart. It needs more work. More features. More to encourage reading, communication, interactivity.

What about a list of my 5 previous entries in a side bar? What about an additional list of 5-10 related entries by other writers in a side bar (lets get those tags working)? What about notifying people via email or on their profile when a journal entry they’ve commented upon receives a comment? What about being able to respond to a journal entry with a journal entry of your own?

So maybe Red Bubble isn’t really for writers…maybe it’s more about the art. Selling prints. Well why not add similar features there? Imagine looking at an image and seeing five more related image thumbnails in the side bar?

There is so much more that could be done to make this site extraordinary. There’s so much more that could…no would…bring this community closer together.

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