Still not happy with the Journal.

Fairly obvious post really. Either I’m just not interesting enough or people generally don’t notice journal entries once the latest post falls off the home page.

Why can’t there be an equal amount of space for featured journal entries as there is for images? Sure the journal entry icon may not be quite as pretty but couldn’t that be substituted with a users profile icon or some other icon that we could customise?

There doesn’t seem to be much incentive to come back to journal entries that you’ve commented on in order to continue the discussion either? Perhaps there needs to be a way of subscribing to another persons journal entries comment section so one can be alerted when a new comment is made?

Journal Comments

  • Craig Watson
  • helene
  • Xavier Russo
  • fleece
  • Graeme Hindmarsh
  • etourist
  • dove
  • etourist