Did you miss me while I was away?

My ego is sure that your life has been just that little bit more exciting, waiting in anticipation of my next journal entry.

Will it be today?

No doubt you’ve sat glued to your computer, clicking the refresh button when curiosity gets the better of you. Maybe I’ve written another entry now? No. How about now?

I wouldn’t be surprised if countless meals have been left uneaten in an effort not to be away from the computer when it finally happens. A new journal entry.

Then suddenly, there it is! Are you sure? Yes. Yes you’re sure! Finally. Finally a new journal entry from me!

Your eyes click into focus. You begin reading. What new words of… wait… what’s this?

As if you’ve been sitting around just waiting for me to write a new entry. Arrogant fool! What kind of ego maniac thinks people just sit around waiting for journal entries. Not you that’s for sure!

I think you should tell me exactly what you think of me. Go on. Do it now. Write a comment. Get it out of your system.

There! That should put me back in place.

Then as suddenly as it appeared, the journal entry ends. Life becomes empty and you sit back and wait once more. I’m sure to post again soon. Better keep close by. Just in case. The excitement begins all over again.

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