Rose's Tale - Art by TET

Rose’s Tale
Acrylic on Canvas, 50 × 60cm, July 2007

Rose the cat is a new character in my series of cat themed artworks (view a selection of my cats and buy gift cards from my portfolio). Whilst Jac was kind of fun and whimsical in his own way, sometimes I think he is a little to ‘boyish’ to appeal to my audience which is mostly female.

Jac likes to chase after little things that move very quickly whilst Rose prefers a slower, dreamier pace to life. Sometimes it’s good to slow down and be ideally optimistic about what the future might bring.

Back Off, I'm an Artist!

“Back Off, I’m an Artist!”…

This stern warning sent a shiver down the spine of customers who minutes ago had been patiently queuing for the next available teller.

“Careful he’s got a brush!”

Would this be the day that someone suffered for art? Paint splattered everywhere in an artistic massacre of modern art?

“Let me paint a picture for you.”

It was getting serious. It could only end in critique.

“I’m an artist… and a good one!”

How could anyone know that for sure? By who’s definition was this artist ‘good’? The way things were going it looked more like a confrontation with a bad artist. One with a disposition for performance art.

“I should be able to make a living from my art. I should be raking the money in!”

There’s nothing worse than a starving artist cornered.

“Why do people not buy m

The recently travelled returns.

If you have me in your favorites and wondered where I was (because my ego likes to think you actually care) I’ve been off traveling the Australian country side by car.

It’s been a month long journey but now I’m back. The question is, should I post all 600 plus photos I took onto Red Bubble in the hopes that statistically the more images I post will increase my chances of you buying something?

Will I, or not?

Okay, I wouldn’t be that cruel however I may post one or two of the best some time soon… if I can decide on my best… or do I like them all… equally?

Reinventing Reinvention.

It is said that there is nothing new left for artists to create. The modern artists are simply reinventing that which has gone before. There are no new ideas only ways of looking at old concepts in a new way. This has been going on for some time.…

With this in mind, has the art world reached the stage where artists are now reinventing reinvention? Forgetting the origin of the original idea and simply building on the last incarnation that emerged into the ‘artistsphere’ (hey if they can have ‘blogosphere’ then I can coin a similar phrase in an article about reinventing reinvention).

At some point in history artists had the opportunity to create something new. Something unique. Something that had never been thought of before. Will any of today’s artists ever know what that experience is like

Still not happy with the Journal.

Fairly obvious post really. Either I’m just not interesting enough or people generally don’t notice journal entries once the latest post falls off the home page.

Why can’t there be an equal amount of space for featured journal entries as there is for images? Sure the journal entry icon may not be quite as pretty but couldn’t that be substituted with a users profile icon or some other icon that we could customise?

There doesn’t seem to be much incentive to come back to journal entries that you’ve commented on in order to continue the discussion either? Perhaps there needs to be a way of subscribing to another persons journal entries comment section so one can be alerted when a new comment is made?

Unleashed Winners.

Not to take anything away from the many beautiful images that won the Unleashed 2007 image contest (there isn’t a single one there that isn’t top notch work) but… and you knew there would be a ‘but’ right?

Looking over some winners entries it must be an extremely long stretch to link them to the theme ‘Unleashed’. I don’t want to single out any one work, or make any kind of example. Just take a look for yourself and see if you have any difficulty in linking some to the theme.

View the Winners

Make your own judgment, this is just my opinion after all. I do want to stress – All the winning images are exceptional.

Did you miss me while I was away?

My ego is sure that your life has been just that little bit more exciting, waiting in anticipation of my next journal entry.…

Will it be today?

No doubt you’ve sat glued to your computer, clicking the refresh button when curiosity gets the better of you. Maybe I’ve written another entry now? No. How about now?

I wouldn’t be surprised if countless meals have been left uneaten in an effort not to be away from the computer when it finally happens. A new journal entry.

Then suddenly, there it is! Are you sure? Yes. Yes you’re sure! Finally. Finally a new journal entry from me!

Your eyes click into focus. You begin reading. What new words of… wait… what’s this?

As if you’ve been sitting around just waiting for me to write a new entry. Arrogant fool! What kind of ego maniac thinks people just si

Art Comedy Videos

Something else that I do, apart from painting, is create comedy art videos. I don’t think that we as artists laugh nearly enough at ourselves and what we do. You can view some of the best of my videos by [ clicking here ]

Doing the morning rounds.

I’ve written more in the last couple of months than any other time in my life because I maintain a number of blogs that I try to keep current with different information. This morning I’m kind of doing the rounds. Visiting all my blogs. Some are quite active whilst others I haven’t posted to in over a year.…

The inactive ones I try to maintain because they contain articles that appear in none of my other blogs. Some of these articles are quite humorous because they were spontaneous, random thoughts, organised into coherent concepts designed for no other purpose than to amuse.

I particularly like my first three posts in my Yahoo 360 blog that describe the typical process of the average non-writer trying to get into the ‘cool’ world of blogging. You can read the first of these <a href="http:/

So much more to be extraordinary.

I don’t find writing for my Red Bubble journal particularly compelling. It seems to serve little or no purpose except for that brief moment of glory in seeing your latest post listed on the Red Bubble home page.…

Which is a frustrating moment. Your carefully crafted essay is bumped off the list by several people who all made mundane, one sentence entries that failed to challenge or even record any kind of thought provoking observation. Fleeting, minimal, throw away comments.

For a short time, whilst you’re on the home page, your post may attract comments. Grateful though I am to those of you who have. There is nothing to notify you of receiving a response so you may check back in – if you remember. If you’re up for continuing the discussion.

The Red Bubble journal page seems to serve no pu

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