Cleaning off the spider webs.

i don’t even remember when it was the last time i uploaded an artwork on to RB. however, i kept receiving a whole lot of support in the form of messages and purchases. thank you to all who bought my art and that took the time to write me words of kindness and praise.

of course i did not stop making art… it was quite the opposite: 2011 has been a very very prolific year. after my divorce, in June, i moved North with my baby daughter to set residence in the wonderful state of Washington, more precisely in Seattle, a city that seems to be made for me in almost every aspect. transitions are never easy, mainly when you leave a life of security and comfort as mine used to be to follow your truth, alone and with a four year old child to look after. my finances are not the same, but i found love and i found new friends, i found creativity and bunches of inspiring people everywhere. and most of all, i found freedom. by saying “no” to my marriage i cut the ties with the patriarchy and gave myself the chance to live the life i wanted to live. still building it, day after day… sometimes happy, sometimes scared, sometimes sad, sometimes hopeful, but always crazily devoted to what i chose to be and represent, to others and to myself.

my art reflected the turmoil and have unfolded in different facets. i have experienced new materials and new ways to depict my view of the world and soul. panel, canvas, acrylic, golden paint, back to paper, abstract, color, explosions, faces, i-can’t-get-the-effect-i-want, the eternal passion for the lines of faces and human bodies, for the feminine energy, and the connection matter/spirit/nature/energy/light… they will all be here, in bits.

today i have uploaded some of my latest drawings, modest work i have done in the last weeks in an attempt maybe to get back to my comfort zone after several weeks of crazy color/form experimentation. they are available for sale on my Etsy shop and possibly reunited later for a new calendar featuring only drawings.

as always, thanks for the love. Happy Holidays, and keep inspiring.

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