The casanova

I am a king in the jungle,

I rule the city of diamond
I am celebrated in all tongues
What’s in your mind, that’s who I am

Come into my inner room,
Put on the coat of fun,
Swing right and left on bed,
This is me, a man of my own.

You’ve seen me with a wedding ring,
Yet you can’t understand why you fell,
I am just too irresistible for ladies
I was told, you are a man of flavor

As a child, I cause many to fight,
As a man, I drive many to tears
I never wish evil in my mind,
But they just keep coming even at all.

I got up in wake of my ills,
To have a quite time alone
Hi another whisper to my ears,
I couldn’t help, but reply a smile

Up to my side, she jump as if I called
My name is Kate, as if I care
What would you drink, as if I ask?
Can you see why it is not my fault?

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