Bubble Friends

To my new bubble friends

You’ve heard of people being out of their tree, well… I will be out of my bubble for a few days from tomorrow (Sunday).

My husband Dennis is having a knee replacement operation on Monday so we are travelling down to Canberra tomorrow to check into the hospital. I will stay at the hospital accomodation with him for about 5 days while my wonderful next door neighbours take care of our animals for us.
(Well, I might come home for one night to check on Lil Kev the kitten, whom I have grown inordinately fond of in the short time he’s been with us.) Though they’ll be in good hands, my next door neighbour is an animal lover and has 7 dogs and 5 cats of her own.

Den will be on crutches when he comes home and faces 3 months physio recovery time. He is having a full replacement (they cant do a reconstruction…it’s too badly damaged..old fall from a horse)…so I will be back in my bubble in a week or so.
Best wishes to all. I know I’m going to get bubble-withdrawals!

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