Abstract Update

To all my new Abstract Friends who are waiting with bated breath to see if I trashed Baked Beans and Egg yet…(haha)

No! I haven’t! I’ve made friends with the painting and now its talking to me! It has changed from a sullen stranger who didn’t really wanted to be painted. We had a little break in communication – Baked Beans and Egg and I – but now we are friends again and going on our journey together. Thanks to all who gave me advice… I have strayed far from my original idea of what it would be like..but I’m having fun.

Not having a plan with a painting can be very interesting, can’t it? Wondering what your brush will do next…I am finding though, I have to be in the mood to talk to Baked Beans and Egg…which seems to have an element of space ships to it now! It’s a bit like being pregnant and not knowing of you are having a boy or a girl… you know you’re going to have something at the end of all your labour…but what? But no…this is not as painful as delivering babies!

Serously, I am amazed at how one’s brain can put a mark on a canvas and then it grows into something… all by itself. What part of the soul produces that, I wonder? What part of our consiousness that doesn’t know what it’s going to do next, does it? Art is a great teacher. Philosophy is kindergarten in comparison to what I am learning about myself and the world from painting.

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