IT’S MY ANNIVERSARY TODAY and to mark the grand ocassion I am making my first ever rb journal entry. It is exactly one week today that I discovered Red Bubble and it has changed my life. Thanks to the wonderful Billy Lee, who wrote a great letter to the editor of an Australian art magazine to which I subscibe, and touched my heart enough to make me look up Red Bubble. Me, who hates computers and has often chided my adult children for having strange and unnatural “virtual lives” and “talking to strangers” on the internet. Me, who has been known to be quite grumpy at my darling husband Dennis for spending too much time sitting at the computer. Me, who never thought I could paint.

The minute I entered the rb site I felt, like Alice i Wonderland, that I had fallen into some magical place full of kindness and creativity. I joined immediately. My husband is now complaining that he is a “bubble orphan” when he wakes up in the morning and I have already been up and bubbling for hours, or he waits forlornly for me to come and cook dinner, but I am too busy bubbling. He gazes at me in a perplexed manner as I demonstrate my newly invented Bubble Jig – the happy little dance I do when I’ve been bubbling.

I had almost given up on painting for lack of encouragement, though my dearest Dennis is always very supportive. But I had begun to wither in my endeavours. I only knew one artist, who told me that artists and “arty types” in art groups and the like are to be avoided because they are riddled with jealousies, nastiness, competitveness etc. Imagine my utter delight to find rb proves that theory dead wrong.

Thanks to BillyLee and Ginnymac especially, who made me feel welcome, showed me how to get started and accepted me from the very first minute…even though I wasn’t a “real” artist…that was a week ago when I wasn’t a real artist…I am now. Did my painting change and suddenly get fantastic and professional looking to make me into a real artist in a single week? No…what changed was my perception of myself through all the wonderful, kind, helpful and caring people I have met here. I am an artist because I feel like one in my heart, and the fantasic people of rb have taught me that. Thank you each one of you.

So…on my first week anniversary…a huge thank you to all…especially Billy…to whom I am eternally grateful! I look forward to seeing all of your wonderful art, learning something new from you every day, seeing my own art improve and hopefully returning some of the kindness and support I have found here to others. Redbubble is an amazing concept…whoever thought of it is a genius.

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