Dear Bubble Friends

I am missing everyone so much! I have been away from home for 5 weeks out of the last 7, so I have not had a chance to catch up on the bubble. I ended up staying two weeks at my daughter Cressida’s in QLD after the birth of Jonte, because she had some complications and had to go back into hospital for surgery when baby was only 5 days old. I looked after Jonte 24 hours a day for a few days, so we really bonded in that time. He is a little Peacemaker, I could see it written in his soul the hour he was born! Anyway, everyone is fine now.

I only came home for 2 days when we left for the mid north coast to find some new land, as we sold out farm here the week before I went to QLD. We spent 3 weeks exploring and eventually found a 100 acres on top of a mountain only 20 minutes from the beach which we are in the process of buying. It’s a fabulous place, on a mountain ridge with valley floor and beautiful timber – red cedar, mahogany, turpentine, giant bluegum, mountain oak. There are pockets of rainforest too. At the moment it is wild jungle, machette country actually! There is no house and no road…so we will be starting from scratch all over again….clearing, fencing, putting dams in…. We are going to build our own house, literally- which is an exciting project. Will post photos when it happens! In the meantime we will rent a house in the nearby village.

The climate is sub tropcal…so I can grow frangapani, bouganivillea, jacarandas, hibiscus and all my favourites that won’t grow down here. And tomatoes all year round!!! (I am so fed up with being in harsh drought country where we are…its been 7 years now and despite good rain over winter, the ground is hard as rock already.) Our new environment has 1500-1700 mm (60-70 inches) rainfall per annum….lovely! Six inches of rain fell in the 3 weeks we were there….I probably looked a bit mad, going out in it sticking my tongue out to catch the rain! And as an added bonus… we are only 20 minutes from gorgeous pristine beaches…just inland from Nambucca Heads. I have so missed being near the ocean this last ten years, so for me it is like a dream come true.

Also while I was up there, we got my stepdad out of hospital and arranged some Aged Care for him at home. He has dementia and chronic heart failure and I felt he was being treated badly in the hospital where he was. I guess nursing staff become hardened to dementia patients, but my dad still knows what is going on and I was very distressed at him being treated like a nuisance and not being given proper medical are. I made a fuss and soon sorted that out! My mother is 82 and not very assertive…it’s awful how badly the elderly can be treated if they don’t have an advocate. He is home again now with Home Help come in and much happier.

We came home 2 weeks ago and I then had to catch up on 5 weeks of uni work and get my final assessments in. I have so far gained 3 Distinctions for the 3 submissions I have done…so I am happy about that. Not sure how I will go with my last ones though…being done in such a rush. I did my last assignment on Manet and Parisian art in the nineteenth century..which I loved. My print making was a bit dodgey though!

So, now it is packing packing packing…we are leaving in a week and have an 8 tonne truck ordered for next Friday- but so far no house to move to! We will leave a lot of our gear (tractor, farm vehicles, caravan, etcetc) and our horses here at a friend’s farm till we get established, and just take household furniture. We are hiring a truck and moving ourselves…so are counting on some supernatural energy to arrive! The CFS had been relatively OK lately, but I have been pushing it a lot!! I figure once we unload the truck and I get Christmas dinner cooked for my family…then I can sleep for a couple of weeks!

So I have not been painting or able to look at much work on the bubble. I have missed my lovely friends here though, and am thinking of you. Life will probably get back to some sort of order after Christmas….
Meanwhile…happy creating to you all and lots of love and best wishes….

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