My interview

Hey guys I just won my first competition yay! In the boredom competition on the 24/7 group, for which I did an interview. I thought I would publish it here as well so you to can learn a little bit more about me.

2. Name: Elizabeth Duncan, but you can call me Ed :)
3. Age: 17
4. Where are you from originally, and where do you live now? I come from Sydney Australia and still live there now. But next year i am hoping to do a bit of traveling!
5. Single? Married? Kids? Single
6. How would you describe your style of work or what you are interested in? What inspires you? How do you get started creating? I am interested in capturing life unfolding behind the lens, and the individual expression of my subjects. So human life is definitely my main inspiration. I like exploring the world with my camera near by so that I can capture the moments that interest me and show them to you guys! :)
7. Do you have another career outside of art, and if so, what is that? Well at the moment I am a year 12 student. But I do have a part time job at a florist. That’s kind of still kind of arty…
8. What’s your favorite food? I can’t say I have A favorite but at the moment I have a serious craving for spinage and ricotta ravioli with tomato sauce! yum…
9. How about if you had to do the same with colors and shades (color wheel and black-white)? I love red. Also lime green and hot pink together.
10. Favorite sound or noise? Worst sound or noise? I love the rain but hate the sound of dripping taps.
11. The job you’d least like to have? The job you’d want to have if didn’t have your current one. Being a one of those people that ring you up trying to sell you things (can’t think of what they are called)… Being rejected all day would suck.
12. How does your artwork express the change you’d like to see in the world and the people around you? What do you want people to get out of your work? I don’t really think it expresses a change that I want in the world. Well maybe that I for people to embrace each other for what they are.
13. As an artist, do you get discouraged, and what is it that discourages you? What is it that brings you back to life? I think every artist has periods where they loss motivation and that it is a natural cycle that needs to happen. I get discouraged when I haven’t created anything new for awhile.
14. What is your favorite quote/motto? Whether you have one or not, what would you say if you knew the words would go down in history? Life is not about finding yours self, it’s about creating yourself.
15. What is the worst thing you’ve ever had stolen from you (concrete or abstract)?
16. What are you passionate about? Life!
17. Pick your favorite of each pair:
a. House or apartment? House
b. Red or blue? Red
c. Chinese food or Italian food? Italian…gotta be true to my roots :)
d. Blue eyes or brown eyes? Blue
e. Walk or run? Run
f. Urban or rural? Urban
g. Modern or traditional? Modern
h. Glue or tape? Glue, but staples beat both :)
i. Summer or winter? That’s a hard one there are so many things I love about both… Still I might go summer because the days are longer!
j. Jeans or pants? Jeans
k. Love or money? Love

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