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A digital poet, artist, and musician, I work as Eric Goddard-Scovel and eRoGK7. My creative activity is currently focused on exploring the parallels in literary/aesthetic practice in literature, visual/interactive art and music as creative software (software developed for artistic production), creative coding, and the Internet more broadly revolutionize how art/literature is made, what it can be, how it is distributed, and how it is interpreted.

Biographia Literaria

My work up until recently has been primarily literary and comes out of a fascination with “uncreative” writing practices that use computer programs like Gnoetry 0.2 and mchain or take advantage of Google, Twitter, databases and other online resources to engage with real world we live in in contemporary America, where the virtual is increasingly entagled with reality. I do not write much in the traditional sense. Instead, I use online texts and scanned, OCRed books contruct sets of texts which I then manage and shape into poems with some combination of the tools I mentioned above. You can find out more about this work at my personal blog, Poembassy Bombing, and on Gnoetry Daily, where I post as eRoGK7.

Moving Into the Arts

I consider poetry to be a literary art, and poets as artists. This is only becoming more obvious of a position as writing regularly takes advantage of more media than print and text alone. I only last year began to move into visual art and digital music (see my SoundCloud profile) after reading Christian Funkhouser’s New Directions in Digital Poetry, which opened my eyes to the wide world of digital poetry beyond text generation and flash animation. The original intention for this move, and still my primary goal, was to learn how to work with digital tools/creative software in a wide range of art forms and media so that I could create rich works of multimedia digital poetry. Along the way, I am producing works that fit nicely into each art form or genre as well as some that are beginning to cross disciplines.

Artistic Process

My artwork, much like my computer poetry, develops out of an intuitive process that takes some orignal image and uses filters and other processes to discover something original and startling. Many times, this involves taking some image—often a simple pattern or background image, other times an image from a Google Image search—and passing it though filters, levels, and other adjustments in GIMP (usually) and or Photoshop until it is rendered unrecognizable. I will also cut out small sections of interest and then scale these to many times their size, then continue to apply filters, levels, etc. Other works, like my self-portraits, begin in Processing, where I use this generative art program to work with image and text (in this case the letters of my name) to make something that is part concrete poem and part portrait. Finally, I have begun to use hex editors to modify the code of a JPEG or PNG file directly, resulting in glitches. This is a simple glitch art process known as databending.

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