ARE you too busy getting from one camp to the next camp to attention to the beauty that is surrounding you while you are in the mountains to see ?
ARE you in the mountains just to see how many hlkes you can do before you get tooold to do them?
TO just walk though a carpet of wild flowers ,or stop to listen to the sound of the water
flowing over the rocks in its`bed on the way to the distant sea.
OR trilobite under a rock echoing through the ages from seas which cover the land.
OR to find a quiet place in a hidden cove by a stream,or to watch the sun play with light and shadows arcross a clearing in the forest.
OR to look at mosaic of wild flowers as crossed a small clearing, or to sit sit by a stream and listen to natures sounds as you travel through the mountains.
OR watch the thunder and lighting echoing off the walls of high mountainscirque,and dancing around the mountains tops.
OR listen to the call of the loon as it calls to its mate as it enters the deep corners of your mind.
OR watched the shapes of the clouds as you travel the trails in the mountains
OR watched the sun beams dance on amountain Lake at the end of the day

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