Thought it time to write something!

Hi everyone, thanks for taking the time to read this. I thought it was time to actually write something instead of just looking at and uploading pictures.

I must say, after a month or so of being a part of RB, I"m very impressed with, its design, layout, people and photos. I came from the Digital Photo Forum site that most of you know had to shut down. I was very sad that it closed, but elated when I found RB and saw that most of the great people from DPF migrated to here.

Best thing I’ve found so far, I’ve met some fellow RBers that are in my same neck of the woods, and have the chance to get together and shoot some with them in the near future. I’m very excited about this, because, although I"ve been taking pictures most of my life, I"ve only recently got serious/pationate about it and bought my first DSLR. So I’m excited to meet and learn from others and maybe share a thing or two.

My hopes are to have my own site soon and let the road lead me where it may. Maybe with the help of some of my new friends on RB I will get there.

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