Where Will My Camera Take Me In 09?

I ponder this question thinking of all the possibilities that await me in the coming year. 2008 was a wonderful year of learning my new D80, all it’s functions and capabilities. Along the way I added several new lenses, a UV and CP filter, bought a monopod, and backpack style camera bag. I took many photos, grumbled about some, learned from others and managed to pick up a few keepers. One thing is for sure, I know I’ve only begun to touch the surface of what can be done with my camera and I’m excited about a new year of growing with it.

One thing I did learn from all my efforts in 08 was patience, and not in the sense that most of us wish for it, but in the fact that all though many opportunities presented themselves, weddings, portraits, etc, I realized that I need not get too far ahead of myself and what my intentions for purchasing my camera were in the first place, and that was outdoor scenery and landscape photogrphy.

The patience comes from stepping back and looking at the big picture, what am I most interested in shooting. Where should my focus be directed. Through time and patience other opportunities will become available and I’ll have the opportunity to focus on them then, but for now I need to focus on my first love, shooting outdoors.

So with this in mind, my goal for 09 is to hone my outdoor photography skills through shooting, reading, and asking questions of my fellow Red Bubblers. I’d like to move from learning my camera to improving my shooting skills by taking a photography class of some sort, either a 1 or 2 day seminar or a full blown course (any suggestions will be greatly appreciated)! I also plan to get more serious about selling my work both on line, RB or my own site, and in local shows or art fests. I’m excited about the prospects of the new year.

So wish me luck, pass on any tips or ideas, and keep watching for updates throughout the year.

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