Almost Arrested for Taking Pictures!

Wow, what a day; I took my daughter up to Harrisburg to take her Civil Service test and figured I’d get some photo time in while wating. I was walking around the Capital buildings shooting anything and everything when a beat cop stopped me and asked for ID.

I asked if I had taken any pictures I wasn’t supposed to and he said, “yes of some secure areas” Turns out a shot I took was too close to something highly secure and they had been watching me the whole time on cameras stationed throughout the area.
Well after they had ran my ID and found out I wasn’t a terrorist or known felon, they just had me show them all the pictures I took and the cop deleted ones that were no nos.

Funny thing, they seemed more appologetic about having to detain me then I was about having taken pictures I shouldn’t. Bottom line was any pictures of structures, buildings etc from a distance was ok just don’t zoom in on anything that looks secure.

That’s one for the photography annuls.

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