A "Dog's-Eye View Of Washington, DC"

Good morning, all.

I recently made a trip to Washington, DC. The purpose of the trip was to sing a concert at the Washington National Cathedral, with a choir, The Arpad Darzs Singers. However, I lengthened my stay slightly so I could do some sightseeing. Photographically, I adopted a theme. Hence, the title of this journal entry. The theme made my picture taking efforts more fun and challenging.

My goal was to take pictures from the dogs’ perspective, with them in the picture, as if I was a third dog tagging along. Annie and Jolie, my St. Bernards were not terribly cooperative. In fact, they would often walk around behind me as I tried to take the picture. Holding still is also not something they do on command. Therefore, there are cut off noses, views of them looking at me, etc. Actually, that is how things often look at the dog’s-eye level anyhow. Ultimately, it was fun and I will do it again on future trips.

A few of the photos I have uploaded already, “Dog’s-Eye View”, “Refreshing” and “Awestruck” are from this trip and a few more will be posted soon. I hope you enjoy them.

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