I'm still here!

Sorry I’ve been dormant lately. Life has been extremely busy. I also have been working on my new website www.ericb.info

I had entered “Refreshing” and “Waiting” in the South Carolina State fair. “Refreshing” was juried into the competition, but didn’t win anything. “Waiting” was juried out of the competition and sat in a store room during the fair. Oh well. Maybe things will go better next year.

I also did my first wedding photography gig last weekend. It was for some close friends and I did it for free. That was mostly because I wanted the opportuniy to try it and they couldn’t afford to hire a pro. I may put a few shots here or on my site soon. I’m still working on the final package for them. I got quite a few decent shots and a few that I believe are excellent. The wedding was outdoors in a gazebo in Charleston, SC. and it was a very cloudy and overcast day. We also did a few shots at a nearby beach.

Now that my website is up and the photo albums are functional I can be choosier about what I put on RB. Images for silly games like the Rubber Ducky challenge can now stay on my site with links in the forums or in my journal here instead of using space for them in my official RB portfolio.

If any of you are interested in the offroad pictures I posted, the full series from that event are on my site.

Well, that’s enough babbling. Y’all have a great day!

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