Riverbanks Botanical Garden, Columbia, SC, USA

Our local zoo/botanical gardens are hosting a photo competition, so I took the challenge. I visited the gardens yesterday and had a great time. I totally lost myself for about 3 hours and took over 200 pictures. The categories in the contest are, floral closeup, critters, black & white, and garden overview.

The overview thing is difficult. I just don’t think they wanted me to climb trees to get a good overall shot and it’s hard to do standing on the ground amidst everything. The only critters I saw were a couple small lizards, a bunch of spiders and a few bees. The birds must not like the crowds. This assignment made it clear to me that I would like to have a second camera body. It seemed I was changing lenses frequently for varying conditions and subjects.

Anyhow, I’ll just put a few of the better shots up here. I don’t need to flood RB with hundreds of flower closeup shots. I hope you enjoy these. They will all include “botanical” and “columbiasc” in the tags in case you want to search for the group. or just click here

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