I haven’t written in my journal for a few days, so here are a few thoughts that have been in my head. I’ve never been one to keep a journal, so this will never be a regular thing for me.

“Blog or Journal”? I haven’t weighed in on the official debate, but have read many entries concerning the new changes. Personally, I prefer the journal. Maybe my age influences this. This being an art-oriented community, I think “journal” subconciously helps us filter what we decide to enter. “Blog”, to me implies “thoughtless accountings of what happens in our lives”, whether it is worth discussing or just plain mundane and meaningless. I feel I am dangerously close to that side of “the line” with parts of this journal entry. Hey, I can still call it a journal privately.

I have also been concsious of trying to determine which photos are worth uploading to RB and which are not worthy. This is something that time and experience will help me learn. In the mean time, I have work that I want to share, but I don’t want to be wasting space on RB’s web servers with work that is low quality. I want to be a valued member of this community, not a thorn in the side that people ignore. I do also see this as a place that will help me develop my skills with the camera, Photoshop, and my artistic vision and discernment. So I will have a few lower quality images in my portfolio, such as “A Fern On The Wall”, which is residing here while I seek advice and feedback.

Meanwhile, I had a bit of camera practice this weekend, also. Friday evening, I went to a small town festival – the “Pelion Peanut Party”. There, I tried taking evening/night shots of the amusements. I will need more practice with that in the future. On the way home, I took some long exposure shots of a large “earth-mover” tire outside a Michelin Tire mfg plant. That was difficult. They didn’t have any lighting on the front face of the tire, but it was backlit somewhat by the lights along the access road a few hundred feet behind my subject. The tire doesn’t reflect light very well. Autofocus on my camera had trouble finding it and it was so dark I could barely focus the shot myself. Twenty or thirty shots taken, about 2 good results.

Saturday afternoon I went to an old airplane hangar at a local airport. The hangar, built ca.1932 is in poor condition. It currently is being used by a group of individuals who restore old military vehicles. There were some good subjects there. “Retired But Alive” was taken in the hangar along with the fern image mentioned above. Getting up close to a B25C bomber was a nice bonus.

Otherwise, I spent a few hours struggling with Photoshop, trying to learn my way around it’s many capabilities. I was able to finally put together a nice photo-montage birthday card for my mother and another montage of three dogs that I was watching for some friends who went out of town. Way too much(?) time was spent exploring RB. I love seeing everybody else’s work and finding out what new things have been added.

Altogether, it was a good photo weekend.

Journal Comments

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