Professionally, I am an electrician. I have been interested in photography since I was a little kid. My first camera was one of those little 110 snapshot things. I even built a pinhole camera from scratch for the photography merit badge in Boy Scouts. In high school, I saved up my money and bought a Nikon FM2. That camera was my workhorse for 25 years. Now, I have sold the FM2 and purchased a Canon Rebel xti as my first digital camera. Wow! Unleashed from the financial bonds of film and developing, I am having more fun than ever with photography. Finding RedBubble is like having thousands of mentors in the hobby giving me inspiration and new challenges.

You will find more of my work here – a less serious collection. I am also developing a more commercial endeavor at this site .

You may also want to consider buying a calendar. I have a sample calendar made up of flower images. However, if you contact me and tell me what images you want, I’ll design a calendar just for you. Just follow the Calendar link above or to the right, under clothing. When ordering, you will have the opportunity to choose the beginning month for your calendar.

Now, I don’t want to get all snooty or anything, but, all works here are copyrighted by me and may not be used, reposted, copied, printed, or published in any way without my permission. Most of my works posted here are for sale in printed form through this website. If you have questions or would like permission to use my work in some other way, please contact me through the link above. I will be happy to help in any way I can.

My first front page feature!

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My first Home Page Feature!

What a pleasant surprise to have my first home page feature today. Thanks to RedBubble staff for my moments of fame. Thanks also to the Rubber Ducks Group for their recent challenge about duckies in danger. The image is a picture of Jolie holding Ducky in her mouth. Ducky was quickly rescued from a grisly demise immediately after the picture was taken.
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Humidity! Ugh!

So, you find yourself on a short nature hike, early in the morning in July in South Carolina and just 5 or 10 minutes after leaving the cool, air conditioned house, you decide you need to change lenses. No problem. Off comes the lens you don’t need. Then, as you are installing the right lens, you see it – condensation – on the lens surfaces, the viewfinder, mirror, etc. Now what…
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Uh-oh! Tripod broke.

Of all the frustrating things, my tripod broke today. The last extension of one leg just came right out and even though I can re-insert it, there seems to be a piece missing so the lock won’t tighten. I can epoxy the section in place and just use the tripod at lower heights, but that won’t be very satisfying most of the time. / So, What kind of new tripod should I request for my upcom…
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What next?

Should I write a journal entry about this or not? Aw, what the heck, I’ll write one. / The issue is that my life changed unexpectedly monday morning. The LARGE insurance company I have worked for over the past 12+ years decided to outsource their electrical maintenance. So I now find myself unemployed. I know this has been common in our economy over the last few years. But, like most other …
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