Challenge Yourself!

One of the things I love about RedBubble is that there are heaps of great challenges… I especially enjoy getting involved in something a bit different, such as the Make Up Your Mind group’s Mr Squiggle challenge which requires entries to be created using make up, or other non-arty materials, with a set ‘squiggle’ as a starting point.

This is my entry, and below is a picture of it showing the original ‘squiggle’ highlighted in blue:

Great fun, I encourage everyone to enter if they can!! The challenge page says that voting will start in 11 days, so you’ve still got time :)

Another great challenge I’ve entered recently was a ‘24 hour challenge’ in the T-shirt Revolution group. It’s a very cool group, and I was very surprised to get a top 10 result with my entry!

Yeah, it’s a bit weird, but the challenge was called Weird Science so I guess that’s appropriate!

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