The Sliver Dollar

Like most overweight women I chose to be a Sliver Dollar piece. But the important question is why we choose to be Sliver Dollar pieces and not Dimes. The reason is because we can not except the reality that men do not idolizes us, we can not accept the fact they second rate us, we can not accept the fact they secretly date us. Well it is about time that someone stood up, out of the crowd, and spoke the truth. Overweight women choose to be Sliver Dollars because it is worth more than a Dime. We need to feel like we are worth more because we weigh more. The truth of the matter is yes a Sliver Dollar is worth more, but it is also heavier to tote around than Dimes; no one wants to tote around Silver Dollars to weigh them down. It is time we stop over compensating for our personal disappointment and convert ourselves to a higher standard. If we are happy overweight than we need to believe in ourselves and stop being needy for others to give us compassion; If we want to change our appearance we need to stop reflecting our feelings and deal with our true problems. Only we can the feelings of Sliver Dollars who feel like their not worth a Dime.

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