My Nikon D90 Mini Review

I had a Nikon D90 earlier this year but never got around to writing my mini review for the camera when I had it, so here it is now!…

The Nikon D90 is Nikon’s “Enthusiast” model which fits in between the D5000 high end entry level model and the Semi pro D300 and would be the equivalent to Canon’s XXD series. The D90 was also the first d/SLR to feature video. The Nikon D90 features a 12.3 megapixel 1.5x crop sensor, and ISO range from 100-6400.

The Body

The Nikon D90, like it’s predecessors has a plastic (polycarbonate) body with a metal chassis. The build quality was very good though! Probably the best plastic bodied camera I’ve owned, and very well built. Nikon covers most of the plastic up with rubber, so it doesn’t feel plasticky, and the camera feels very solid. The D90 is also light we

Canon EF-S 18-135 IS Mini Review

I got the 18-135 IS when I bought my 7D so I thought I would write a quick mini review of the lens.…

The lens is one of Canon’s newest EF-S lenses which are designed to work on the Canon APS-C sized sensor cameras (With EF-S mount).

The lens has the focal range (Equivalent in 35mm) of a 29-216mm lens and covers a 7x zoom range which puts it in the class of being a “Super zoom” lens.

The construction of this lens is decent, it doesn’t have the same quality as a L series lens, but it’s not priced like a L series lens and is quite reasonably priced. The 18-135 IS lens features a metal lens mount, and a real manual focus ring, but doesn’t have full time manual focusing which means you have to switch the AF/MF button to the manual focus setting if you plan on shooting in manual focus. The front

My Canon EOS 7D Mini Review

Now that I’ve had the chance to use my EOS 7D and get familiar with the new camera, here is my mini review.…

The Body

Canon have done a great job with the build quality with the 7D, it’s very solid, and well built, and it feels somewhat better then the XXD series. The camera is about the same size as a 5DMkII and feels very comfortable to hold. The body kind of reminds me of my old Nikon D300, and Canon have now made all the rear buttons larger (Similar in size as what you get on a Nikon body) and they have also worked on the sensitivity of the buttons. To delete a photo, you need to press down hard on the delete button, I’m assuming this is to prevent accidentally deleting your photos.

Canon have now got rid of the 2 step on/off button found on the XXD series and on the 5DMkII and now hav

First day out with my new EOS 7D - First Impressions

I finally got the opportunity to get out and have a play with my new Canon EOS 7D today so I thought I would just write about my first impressions. I will write a review once I’ve used the camera for a while and try out all the features.…

This is definitely the best Canon camera I’ve owned, and as good as the Nikon D300 I had. The 7D is very well designed!

The pictures right out of the camera really pop! Great colours and lots of detail. It reminds me of the great picture quality I got from my 5DMkII.

The autofocus works great, and you can now choose “Zone focusing” where you can select a few AF points from the 19 point layout rather then use all the AF points, or having to manually select a single point, a great feature!

The viewfinder is allot better then the previous Canon crop sensor c

Time for yet another name change! - EOS7D

My new EOS 7D arrived today and now I’m sitting here waiting patiently for the battery to charge up so I can try it out. I can’t wait to get out and test it out!…

I also got the new EF-S 18-135 IS lens which will be my walkabout lens on this camera. I chose this lens because of it’s nice zoom range and should be a nice light weight lens for me to replace the 18-55 IS I had with my 500D. (Much lighter then the 35-350!) and I got the kit for a bit more then the body only.

The new lens feels great paired up with the 7D! It feels like this lens was made for the camera! The lens has a decent build quality and has a metal lens mount.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out on the 7D yet (Still waiting for the battery to charge) but I shot a couple test shots using my old 300D and the lens seems sha

Tripod Review - Slik 700DX

I purchased a Slik 700DX tripod and I am very impressed with this tripod, so I thought I would write a small review to benefit those who are looking to purchase a tripod, or looking to upgrade their tripod.…

This is my first Slik tripod, but I’ve owned a Slik 800 Ball head for many years and it has been the best head I’ve owned! This tripod is my 5th “Real” tripod that I’ve owned (I’ve had a few cheap and flimsy tripods too). The 700DX would have to be the best value and built of the lot! It’s built as well (If not better) then my old Manfrotto 055XB Pro that I owned, but the 700DX cost a fraction of what the 055XB Pro cost, the only thing missing on the 700DX is the flip out centre column featured on the 055 Pro (But I didn’t use it much, so won’t really miss that feature). I also owned a

My Canon 35-350 L Mini Review

I picked up a mint condition Canon 35-350 L I’ve always wanted to try out one of Canon’s L super zoom lenses, but didn’t want to fully commit to the ultra expensive 28-300 IS L.…

This is my second Canon push/pull zoom lens (The first being a 100-400 IS). Some like, and some don’t like the push/pull zoom design, I personally don’t mind it, once you get use to using the push/pull zoom it’s not any slower then using a twist zoom, in fact, I find I can zoom quicker in some situations by using the push/pull zoom.

The lens is huge, especially when extended out to 350mm with the lens hood attached. It’s about the same size as the 100-400 IS and nearly as big as a 70-200 f/2.8 when zoomed down to 35mm. I think it’s slightly smaller then the 28-300 IS and not so heavy.

The lens is very versatile, b

My Canon EOS 500D Mini Review Part II

I’ve had my 500D for 3 months now and I have to admit, I have been very impressed with this camera!…

I bought the 500D to be a temporary “Gap camera” while switching back to Canon after a brief switch over to Nikon after my bad experience with the 50D and 5DMkII which both didn’t impress me all that much (Especially the 50D which still leaves me with bitter memories) I decided I would get a 500D to keep me busy until the 50D’s replacement was announced, or something better came along.

Most people associate the 500D to be a cheap entry level camera that’s really capable of anything beyond being a beginners camera, this isn’t true! I’ve found the 500D to be a pleasure to work with over the last 3 months and it is definitely capable of taking fantastic photos (You can see allot of examples th

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