A Wild Week Of Weather! December 9 - December 14 2012

What a week it’s been here in Perth, Western Australia, with nearly a entire week of severe thunderstorms and heavy rain. I’ve been busy all week taking photos of the storms as they built up and moved over the city finding myself up at dawn every morning this week.

We had a huge mix of different weather all rolled into one of the most interesting weeks of weather that I can remember in Perth! This included pretty much everything except for snow! LOL We had strong wind, hail, heavy rain, lots of different types of cloud including the very rare Mammatus and even more rare Lenticular Clouds! There was also very rare (For Perth) Sun Pillars which are caused by sunlight reflecting in ice crystals in the cloud (even more rare because this usually happens when it’s very cold!) and we had lots of Anvil clouds as the storms developed on the outskirts of the city throughout the week.

The storm kept circling around and rebuilding then dumped more rain and brought more wild weather for the South West region of Western Australia, here is the radar loop for the week:


And a satellite image of the storm:

Some places got up to 210mm of rain in a day! and there was flooding in some parts. We got 50mm of rain near where I live in one day, with 37mm of that falling in 37 minutes! This storm was described as a ‘once in a century storm’

Mandurah took a huge hit on Wednesday Night with severe thunderstorms, and heavy rain which resulted in flash flooding, they received 75mm from the overnight storm with a flood warning issued for the Murray River.

Here’s the radar image from that storm:

The Town of Collie Received 110mm and there were flood warnings issued for the Collie River.

the town of Harvey received 109mm and the South West City of Bunbury received 43mm.

Perth got some good thunderstorms just before midnight on the Wednesday, which saw lots of lightning and heavy rain. I was down the street trying to take photos of the lighting which I thought was far away, about 5 minutes later the lighting stared striking close to where I was, and I found myself having to quickly run home, and just as I got back to my house, it started pouring down with rain which lasted for a few hours starting off with heavy rain, and eventually to light drizzle until dawn when I headed out to photograph the storm that had passed and had moved South.

The final storm developed later in the day East of the city and didn’t reach us, but looked spectacular as it towered high above the hills!

A great way to kick off the Summer storm season, with predictions of a wetter then average summer for South West WA, we could see even more storms over the next few months.

There is allot of information about this storm event with more photos from myself and other members posted over on The WA Weather Group Forum

Here are some photos I took throughout this week:

Sun Pillars:

Mammatus Clouds:

Lenticular Clouds:

Anvil Clouds:

Cumulonimbus Clouds:

Roll Clouds:

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Crespacular Rays:

Storm Clouds:


Cloud Shapes:

Colourful Sunrises:

Interesting High Cloud:


On Monday December 17 2012 we awoke to a morning of thick fog! This is very unusual for this time of year, we usually only get Fog in the colder months and not in Summer!

Here’s some photos:

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