Night Landscape And Nature Photography Group Launced!

Me and my Co-host Jazzyjane have just launched the group Night Landscape And Nature Photography which is a group dedicated to landscape and nature photography.

I’ve noticed that redbubble hasn’t got a group that focuses on this type style of photography, so I contacted jazzyjane who also co-hosts the Star Trail Photography Group with the idea of the new group.

We are looking for photographs that are taken between dawn and dusk (No sunrises/sunsets since there are plenty of other groups that cater to this type of photography).

Photos taken under moonlight, long exposure photography, available light photography, light painting are what we are looking for. B&W night landscape photos are also welcome.

There are plenty of landscape photos on redbubble that suits this style of photography, and now there is a place for photographers to showcase their art.

So on behalf of myself and jazzyjane, we would like to invite you all to join the Night Landscape And Nature Photography Group.

We will also get a forum started in the group so you can all share your tips and techniques and discuss night landscape photography.

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