Got my 5DMkII - First Impressions

I just picked up my 5DMkII Premium kit today and all I can say is wow!

I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet because I’m waiting for the battery to charge up, And once I’ve used it for a bit and go out and take some photos I will write up a mini review.

But here are my first impressions on the new camera:

The viewfinder is nice and big, And very bright, Allot better then the viewfinders on a APS-C camera. The AF points also light up much brighter then on a APS-C camera.

The camera feels really solid and well built, And it feels good to hold. The camera isn’t to small, And the hand grip isn’t to small either. It feels similar to the 50D, But slightly bigger.

The LCD screen is the same one found on the 50D, Which I found to be really good (When I had my 50D) It has anti reflective layers and is very sharp. The 5D2 also has a sensor on the back that adjusts the brightness of the screen to suit your surroundings, So if your shooting in bright light, The screen will not be as bright as if you were shooting at night for example. This feature wasn’t included on the 50D.

I bought the 5DMkII with the 24-105 f/4 IS lens, Which I had before I sold off my first set of lenses, And it feels really nice paired up with the 5D2, And covers a really nice range. I had used my first 24-105 f/4 IS with my 40D, It was ok, But I didn’t find it wide enough on the crop camera, And I used my 17-40 most of the time. But with the 24-105 IS on the 5D2, I don’t think I will need to get a replacement 17-40 because 24mm on this camera seems to be wide enough, But I will have to get out and start shooting to determine if it is wide enough or not. The lens feels nicely balanced on the 5D2 even without the battery grip (Which I used most of the time when I had my previous cameras).

The memory card door also feels allot more solid then the previous models.

Now all I have to do is get familiar with the camera and go out and take some pics with it. LOL

I will write up a mini review once I’ve used the camera enough, So stay tuned.

Here are some pics of the camera:

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