Gone and got myself A Nikon

Yes you read it right, A guy going by the name of EOS20 Now uses A Nikon!

After having problems with my 50D and having to return that, I decided I would give Nikon a go, So I picked up a D300 today. After racking my brain out trying to decide between the D300 And D700, I ended up going with the D300. As much as I liked the D700, I think I will spend the extra money on building up my new lens system before getting a more expensive camera and I got a good deal on the D300 kit, So I bit the bullet and got the D300.

So far I’m happy with my decision, The D300 is a fantastic camera! Puts all my other cameras I’ve owned in the past to shame! I should have made the switch sooner! LOL

Here is a pic of my new toy:

Now I just need to learn how to use it (And get use to all the new features and functions) And read through the 421 page manual! LOL

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