Not Happy Canon!!

I returned my 50D That I bought last week after experiencing the dreaded “Error 99” problem which has been discussed on many of the forums etc. Apparently Canon decided to use cheap gold lens contacts due to the price of gold, But it has meant that the camera won’t communicate properly with the lens. Apparently Canon will be changing the part on the future production models, But the first few batches have the “Sub standard” parts installed.

I thought it would be better just to return the camera, Rather then have to deal with getting warranty repairs done further down the track.

Now I’m waiting for the 5DMkII, But I am also seriously thinking about getting a Nikon instead! With all the problems with past camera releases (1DMkIII AF Issues, 40D AI AF Problems, 1DsMkIII Viewfinder misalignment and AF Issues) I’m starting to loose confidence in Canon. Who knows what issues face the first lot of 5DMkII Owners…..

Not Happy!! ~;-(

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