Aftermarket Neck Strap Mini Review

I picked up a Tamrac N5057 “Boomerang” Neck strap the other day to use with my new 50D, And what a difference it makes! It’s so much better then the stock straps I’ve been using all these years! And with mine, You have the added benefit of quick release clips, So you can take the strap off when you don’t need it (Eg. Working on a tripod) And it also has two memory card holders! The strap is nice and padded, And is made of wetsuit material, And is easy to wash, And is waterproof.

The strap is nice and wide, And is shaped to fit around your neck nicely, And is also comfortable over your shoulder.

I got mine from a local camera store for $30, And it’s well worth the money!!

Here is a pic of the strap:

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