Got A New Toy! (EOS 50D)

I sold my 40D shortly after the 5DMkII Was announced and was planning on upgrading to that. But I managed to get a great deal on A 50D and after some thinking, And dealing with withdrawals from not having a camera I finally bit the bullet today and got myself a 50D.

I might still get a 5DMkII next year when it becomes widely available, And the price starts to settle, And probably will keep the 50D as a backup.

I haven’t had the chance to play with my new toy yet, I’ve just taken it out of the box and I’m waiting for the battery to charge. It doesn’t look like I will get a chance to take any serious pics today as it’s very grey and overcast outside at the moment.

Here’s a pic:

The Red bull Air Race is on here in Perth Next week, So I will give my new toy a good workout then I’m sure!

I will also write a mini review and give you my observations on how it compares to the 40D once I get a chance to get out and use the 50D So stay tuned…..

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