My 40D mini review

I got the camera on Friday and spent the weekend just getting familiar with it (And the weather wasn’t that great). I took it out yesterday for its first shoot (You can see a few photos from the shoot in my folio).

Its a nice improvement over my 20D, AF is faster and the viewfinder is also very nice and was the main reason for the upgrade. As soon as I tried it for the first time I knew I wanted one!

The LCD still sucks in bright daylight! Very hard to read the menus which is a little disappointing. :(

Also, the menu system is also not as good as the one in the 20D.

I still haven’t tried the liveview mode in real world shooting yet. But the live view function will come in handy for those awkward shooting positions (I was using a angle finder C for these situations with my 20D).

Picture quality wise the 40D seems to have a better dynamic range, and with tone priority turned on it makes a great landscape camera! (No more washed out skies).
Colours seem to really pop with the 40D! They don’t seem as flat as the 20D and I noticed that I didn’t need to do much post processing.

ISO in the viewfinder is great! Now I wont spend half the day shooting at ISO 800 because I forgot to change it back from the night before! LOL
And auto ISO and the 1/3 ISO increment adjustments are also handy.

The antidust sensor is also handy (But don’t know how effective it will be in the long run).

Spot metering is also a welcomed addition (For me) since I do allot of landscape work.

The shutter is quieter then my 20D. Not only that, but the shutter response time is quicker and blackout time has also been reduced.

Interchangeable focusing screens are also a good idea, and I will be getting a EF-D grid screen once I can find someone who has them in stock.

The “Weathersealing” seems like a waste of time (Its only around the card door and battery door).

There are allot of new custom functions, and you can set and store 3 user custom function settings which can be accessed via the top control wheel.

Overall its been a nice upgrade from my 20D.

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