The things you do to get the shot!

Being a landscape photographer I find myself in unusual situations and shooting positions to “Get the shot” Well today I found myself standing in the middle of a river to get into a good position to shoot some fast flowing rapids! I thought it would be a good way to clean off the mud I had all over my shoes from my earlier walk along the river bank through thick mud since it had been raining overnight and was still drizzling while I was out shooting (It ended up poring down with rain as I left).

There I was standing knee deep in fast flowing water with my 20D and 17-40 lens and my monopod, Meanwhile the few people who where out enjoying the view from the river bank must had thought I was mad! :D
When I finished and crossed back to the river bank and walked out with my pants drenched I did get a few weird looks from “my spectators” who must have thought I was crazy or something! But being a photographer, we all know its not how you get the shot, But getting the shot at almost any cost! But you need to be a photographer to truly understand our form of madness. ;)

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