Posting Facebook Badges on Redbubble

this is my fan page badge.

So I created a fan page on facebook and was thinking it sure would
be a good Idea to link my redbubble profile to it, but The ordinary
text link or image link was not enough, I wanted the cool ones facbook lets me create and customize, so here is how to get the
profile badge (facebook) on your profile page (redbubble)…
Note: You can use the profile badge for either your facebook profile
or your fan page so if you do not have a fan page you can use a
profile badge that links to your facebook profile. To get to the link that
allows you to create a profile or page badge you need to log-in to
facebook then go to your profile page by clicking the ‘profile’ link on the
top right of the page … when the page loads scroll down and look on
the left side as you are scrolling there is a text link
create a profile badge
click that.

The above image
is my profile

Most Images below can be clicked for a larger view
The process is the same for creating ‘page badges’ and ‘profile badges’ except for where you click to set the badge options.

To create a link to your facebook profile
Click the ‘Profile badges’ link if it is not selected..or click ‘Page badges’ to create one for your fan page.
You can edit the way these badges look by clicking the ‘edit this badge’ link on the right side of the box.
Note:Any changes made to this will affect all the badges you posted so just changing it on Facebook will change it everywhere is can be seen.

Once you selected the way you wish the badge to look then click ‘save’

Now you can click the ‘other’ box to get the code for the badge

Now click the box that contains the code then right click it and select ‘copy’

open up notepad or your favorite text editing software (I use notepad as it is the easiest)
Right click the blank area and select past…this will put the code where you can edit it to work on redbubble.

The code they give you has a lot of stuff you will not need to get this to work so.. here is the code for my ‘profile badge’

<!-- Facebook Badge START --><a href="" target="TOP" style="font-family: "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-variant: normal; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; color: #3B5998; text-decoration: none;" title="Dan Moore">Dan Moore</a><br/><a href="" target="_TOP" title="Dan Moore"><img src="" width="120" height="253" style="border: 0px;" /></a><br/><a href="" target="TOP" style="font-family: "lucida grande",tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-variant: normal; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; color: #3B5998; text-decoration: none;" title="Make your own badge!">Create Your Badge</a><!-- Facebook Badge END -->

The two different sections that are indicated in bold are the only things you will need to get this to work on the bubble so copy the lower web address that ends with .png ( in bold above) and paste it on the bottom of your note pad below the code ..this address is where the image is

Don’t forget to add the ! before and after the web address and add the :

Now to send them to your Facebook profile or page when they click the badge add the web address from the top of the code (in bold above)

Now you can copy the code from your notepad and post on your profile or wherever you want to display it on redbubble. You can use it in the descriptions box for your works, journals, writings, or even in forums Like This one

Bonus Tip:You can use the ‘profile badge’ and link it to your fan page since there are more options on that one..just use the web address for your fan page instead of your profile.
Now before everyone asks I have not figured out how to use the ’Like button" on redbubble but so far I can only guess it is not currently possible since it uses a different technology than redbubble will allow..If you now different please let me know and I will add it here for others to see and use.
Happy Bubbling

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