(Host Tutorial) Featuring the easy way

If you are tired of rummaging through countless pages trying to feature a group member or an image that won a challenge and have so many more pages to go and your mouse hand is cramped. Try this method.

NOTE: This only works for groups that you Host / Co-Host
Also be careful in doing this as it will have the reverse effect on a featured image.
It will remove it from the featured section if it is already featured.
Be sure to visit the groups “overview” page to make sure your handy work has included all the images you wanted to feature.

You can click the images below to see them larger

To feature Challenge Images

1.On your groups “overview” page there is a link to your “featured work” section

right click the link
and select (with Firefox)“copy link location”

(with internet explorer) “copy shortcut”

Now you are ready to feature some images the easy way
2.Go to the challenge page that shows the awesome challenge winners that are about to be featured and while holding the control (CTRL) key left click the lucky images

doing this will open them in new tabs in your web browser

3.Now the fun part Clicking one of the new tabs that were opened will take you to the image page drop a comment if you like while you are there. To feature it in the address bar highlight the web address all the way to the word “art”

then press and hold the control (CTRL) key press “V” to paste the address you copied in step 1 / or you can right click the Highlighted text and select ‘paste’ from the pop up menu.

Here is an example
Original address (the part in bold will be replaced)
Now the new address to feature this image would be
4. Now just press enter (or click GO).
5. Click the “feature” button on the confirmation page and your done.

You can close the tab and move on to the next one.
This also works for T-shirts
Example address (the part in bold will be replaced)

Feature a Group Member

PLEASE NOTE: This method does not always work
To feature a group member go to their public profile page and click the “send bubblemail” link and in the address bar there is a number that you will need to feature the group member.
Example: The number below in bold is my number
Highlight and copy the members number
Go to the featured members link on the groups page
EXAMPLE: http://www.redbubble.com/groups/groupname/featu...
and add the copied number at the end of the address in the address bar
Like this
Press enter and presto a featured member.

Featuring Writings and Journals

also works by going to the members writing or journal page and clicking the work to feature and pasting the address like we did above.

Examples:replace the part in bold

“See this Tutorial in action on youtube”

Happy Bubbling (Happy Featuring)

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