TUTORIAL: More...... redbubble Formatting [Text wrapping images]

This how-to will briefly explain a method of using tables on redbubble to Create sets, Text aligning, Text wrapping in Descriptions,Journals and profiles.

There must be 2 blank lines between the table and other text

(Press Enter two times before and after the table)

To make a table insert a “|” (vertical bar) between the items to be contained in the cells.
The Examples provided below in BOLD can be copied and pasted. Then just replace the text with your links, images, text or whatever you wish.
For the basic text wrapped image use.
To put the title above the image use below
In order to keep a blank cell I will use  

Text wrap an image
| |Title w/ link|
|Description|Image w/ link|
Click Image to Preview it on my Bubblesite
The Cattle Egrets is a popular bird with cattle ranchers for its perceived role as a bio control of cattle parasites such as ticks and flies. A study in Australia found that Cattle Egrets reduced the number of flies that bothered cattle by pecking them directly off the skin. It was the benefit to stock that prompted ranchers and the Hawaiian Board of Agriculture and Forestry to release the species in Hawaii

Profile set w/ title or tag link / This also can be used in a Journal entry
For titles above the image use the table below
Note I used 6 size:xsmall images/ use size:small to match the ones already on your profile

*|“View my Set title or tag link”|

|Title1 w/link|Title2 w/link|Title3 w/link|Title4 w/link|Title5 w/link|Title6 w/link|
|image1 w/link|image2 w/link|image3 w/link|image4 w/link|image5 w/link|image6 w/link|*

It will look like below or you can change the two lines and have the titles on the bottom.

|image1 w/link|image2 w/link|image3 w/link|image4 w/link|image5 w/link|image6 w/link|
|Title1 w/link|Title2 w/link|Title3 w/link|Title4 w/link|Title5 w/link|Title6 w/link|

View all images in My Bird Collection
Screech OwlMissed a SpotOsprey IIWhite PelicanMy GirlPreening Flamingo

Notice that several of my images have long titles that extend past the Xsmall image
One fix for this would be to press enter after the first word

|Title1 w/link|Preening
|image1 w/link|image2 w/link|
My GirlPreening

or Put the second word at the bottom
In order to keep a blank cell I will use  

Example: \
||Title1 w/link|Preening|
|image1 w/link|image2 w/link|
| |Flamingo|
My GirlPreening

Looks great on your profile

|image1 w/link|image2 w/link|image3 w/link|
|Title1 w/link|Title2 w/link|Title3 w/link|


Jupiter LighthouseFree Poker LessonsMissed a Spot

No go forth and create that great description that really stands out more than the rest

See this description on my Profile , Bubblesite
This is a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Which is in the bird family Trochilidae, and are endemic to the Americas.
"Click for larger view"
"Click for larger view"They can fly backwards, and are the only group of birds able to do so. Their English name derives from the characteristic hum made by their wings.Which they can do up to 53 times a second.
The extremely short legs of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird prevent it from walking or hopping. The best it can do is shuffle along a perch. To scratch its head and neck it raises its foot up and over its wing."Click for larger view"

Happy Bubbling

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