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Here is the Table of Contents for my How-to’s on Customizing your redbubble profile and bubblesite .
redbubble does not allow you to post “HTML” (webcode) but here are ways to add things and get the custom look to make your profile stand out from the rest…

Working with text [Formatting]

  1. The basics of formatting text creating Bold Itallics and more…

More…… redbubble Formatting [Text wrapping images]

  1. Learn how to use tables to text wrap your images, align text
    and more…

Creating Links. Posting images and more…on redbubble

  1. The basics of creating clickable text and images post them on your profile, in forums or on your bubblesite

New Product…Photographic Prints How to add option using iMacros

  1. Redbubble has recently released a NEW Product Option Photographic Prints or loose prints save a little time using iMacros to add this New Product option…

Adding Calendars to your bubblesite

  1. Here is a way to add a calendar to your bubblesite with a link to the buy page

Using Product Previews

  1. Here is how to use small framed,laminated,cards,etc.. in your descriptions or profile page to create a great looking gallery and inspire some clicks to the buy page.

Posting Facebook Badges on Redbubble

  1. How to use the badge that Facbook lets you customize…

Quick (Redbubble) Search Bookmarklet

  1. Just a simple search for redbubble helpful when looking for a group or wanting to search the forums for some help or advice…

Repeat post Time Saver

  1. This one will show firefox users how to create shortcuts to the toolbar for notepad files that are located on their PC for quick access.

Keeping track of groups rules and more

  1. Here is a way to keep track of groups rules and have them close at hand or mouse click when uploading images to redbubble.

Framed image on Bubblesite home page

  1. Add a framed image to your bubblesite main page and keep it out of view from visitors to your regular bubblesite.

feedjit Live Traffic Feed

  1. Get to know your visitors with a Live Traffic Feed widget

Edit your Slideshow widget

  1. How to change your Slideshow widget to display your T-Shirts and more..

Edit your Sales Widget…

  1. How to change your Sales widget to display your T-Shirts and more..

Using promotional image Banner

  1. How to customize the banner provided under the “promote” tab..change the background color the number of images and more…

Using tags on Redbubble

  1. Use tagging to create subject links to allow your visitors quick acess to what they are looking for.

Using a Paypal button on redbubble

  1. If you are selling original art on redbubble and want to use a paypal button or selling photo prints from your home see how to add that paypal button to your descriptions or journals.

Add a Slide show to your Redbubble Profile/Bubblesite

  1. Ok not really a slide show but it is very close, It’s an animated gif image.

Visitor counter on your bubblesite or profile page

  1. There are two different counters in this how to one with just the numbers and one with a little more stats from your visitors.

Mapco visitor counter on your profile/bubblesite

  1. This is a How-to for using maploco on your profile, To show where visitors to your page are coming from on a map.

Tutorial: Add a flag counter to your bubblesite or profile

  1. This will show you how to add a flag counter to your profile page, bubblesite or group overview page.

Tutorial: Embed YouTube Video

  1. A closer .look at how to embed video

How to Download your images from Redbubble

  1. Keeping a back up of your files in more than one location is always the best way to protect your hard work….and many tears when you Computer crashes…but on the slight chance you cannot retrieve your image from your many back up’s see this Tutorial on how to get them back….

Create on-line Jigsaw Puzzles

  1. This tutorial will show you how to create Jigsaw Puzzles using your redbubble images to send to friends or post on your website..or just for fun.

Redbubble toolbar

  1. I’ve found that the easiest way to navigate on redbubble was to create my own tool bar with links and shortcuts to the things that I do on the bubble.
    Get the Firefox and Internet Explorer Tool bar for Redbubble Here
    See more info

Add New works from anywhere

This is a greasmonkey script that adds links to the top of all redbubble pages so that you can add a new work from anywhere on redbubble.

*Host or Co-Host Tutorials*

Featuring the easy way

  1. If you are tired of rummaging through countless pages trying to feature a group member or an image that won a challenge try this Tutorial.

Group cleaning

  1. This Tutorial is for all the host out here that are trying to keep a limit on the pages of works within the group that they host/co-host….

Group Banners

  1. If your group is using banners for challenge winners and featured images there is a way to use the proper size to keep them the right size for posting in your members comments without overdoing it

Copy & Past time saver

  1. Here is an add-on for Firefox that is used for adding an e-mail signature with just a few clicks of the mouse which makes this perfect for storing the code used for featured images and much more….

Group Moderating time saver

  1. Here is a way to cut some clicking out of the process of letting those fantastic images into your group.

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