TUTORIAL:Using a Paypal button on redbubble

If you are selling original art on redbubble and want to use a paypal button
Or selling photo prints from your home

Remember redbubble does not handle shipping or payments if you are using this method…so be sure you are ready to deal with the customer directly for payments and shipping.

First Create your button in your paypal (seller account) account
Create Button on paypal do not create a button with a Drop down menu it will not work.
Using it on redbubble can be done by using this link as the image
You can copy and Paste the image links from below

Image Options

PreviewImage Link

to get the custom link that you created click the email tab above the code box

and you will get something like below ( the numbers at the end is a custom number created by paypal so they will know who & what to pay etc.) If you created a button and can’t find it on Paypal Sign in then click the “profile” link in the selling preferences sections click the “My saved buttons” link


add the above link by adding a : after your above link
The link will look like this

Great now you have made a button but what do you do with it now?

How about a suggestion or example…..you say.
Well here is one

Lets say I want to sell an original Art work shipped by me.
(redbubble does not ship works from your location)
First I will upload an image to redbubble of my work (even if I already have uploaded one for selling through redbubble this one is different since I need to handle shipping and payments etc…)
I will make sure no boxes are checked next to the available products….
In my description the very first thing I will put in it is the buy button code I created above….
Then I will post some text describing the work that will hopefully encourage some lucky person to purchase the original…and I would post a link in the other description that I uploaded to sell as cards, framed prints, etc…that will direct those that might be interested in the original work….
Note: Since I am horrible with any other media other than my camera I do not have a link to give you so you can see an example….sorry but good luck if you use this suggestion to sell an original.

Happy Bubbling
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