TUTORIAL:Add a Slide show to your Redbubble Profile/Bubblesite

Adding a slide show to redbubble

Ok not really a slide show but it is very close, It’s an animated gif image.
You can see one My Bubblesite These images can also be linked
Doing this will require you to have software that can make an animated gif image.
And of coarse I know of a free software program that can be used and this tutorial will explain how to do this using this free software.

The free software is called
unfreeze and you can Get it here
Once downloaded and installed on your
computer we are ready to go.

The first step is to get the images you want to include in your slide show, I am going to use my redbubble images set in frames for my bubblesite homepage.

  • Sign-in to your redbubble account
  • Click “My Bubble”
  • then “Art”
  • find the image you want to include and click the “show public view”

  • Now click the “buy/preview” button
  • Select the product format you want to use Card, Laminated print, etc..
  • Then save the image to your computer.

Internet Explorer users “Right Click” the image and select “Save Picture As”
Firefox users “Right Click” and select “Save image as”
And choose a location on your PC where you can find it easily.
You can use as many images as you want, but remember you want them to visit your gallery so keep the number of images to a minimum.
I’m going to use 8 images for now.
You can re size your images if you like the Unfreeze software will resize your images to fit in a 375 pixels(high) X 360 pixels(wide) box but the software will not center the image. For those that want their images centered in the box, Use your photo software to edit the images
The software program (unfreeze) that I recommended above requires the images to be in gif format. Doing this in your photo software may be different than mine. But I will open the image in my photo software “Paint.net” and then click the “Save as” option and change the format (type) to gif ( Graphics Interchange Format).They will be saved in the same folder that I put the ones I downloaded from the bubble.

Once the images are in the gif format. We are ready to create the animated gif (slideshow)

  • Open the folder where your gif images are located
  • Start “unfreeze” a small window will appear
  • Drag your images into the white window
  • Then set the delay on the right, I used 60, Make sure the “Loop animation” box is checked
  • Now click the “Make Animated Gif” button
  • Give it a name and Click “Save”
  • To make the images change slower add more than one of the same file
The image that I created here was made using three copies of the same image,delay set to 90
Example: drag and drop “image1.gif”,then do it again drag and drop "image1.gif "
This one has four of the same images and delay set to 60

Now the image can be uploaded to a web site, since Redbubble does not support this file type. You can use Dropbox which is a free file store, share, sync software Get it Here it allows you to have 2 gig of file storage for free. Plus when I change the slide show gif I just created dropbox will take care of the rest.
So changing my slide show is as easy as making a new one and saving it using the same location and name on my pc as the one I’m using now.
Now Insert the new image on your bubblesite or profile
Use the image location (web address,web url) with a ! before and after the image location
For more on Linking images etc. see this post How to Customize Redbubble
And your done.
You can also include these in your description boxes these have been reduced in size

A great way to promote your calendars on your bubblesite remember these images can be linked to the buy page.

Happy Bubbling
Get the Firefox and Internet Explorer Tool bar for Redbubble Here
See more info

See all my How-to’s HereIncludes “Framed image on Bubblesite home page”, “Adding Calendars to your bubblesite”, “feedjit Live Traffic Feed”, “Using tags on Redbubble”, “Add a visitor counter to your bubblesite or profile page” and More

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