A bit of doggerel for Julia - our new Aussie PM

This is for Aussie RedBubblers.
On the day the deed was done I thought the occasion might be appropriate for a little Doggerel. Here is the result.

Some Advice for Julia

You’ll have to be like Jesus
and turn the other cheek.
You’ll have to have compassion
without appearing weak.

They say he was a communist
but now it must be said
that you, my dear, must not get caught
with reds beneath your bed.

A new PM must rise above
the mischievous accusations
of opposition polies
and their malicious imputations.

Kevin may have had his faults
but at least he has begun
the thankless task of doing
the stuff that must be done.

You know of what I’m speaking
of schools and health and such
and keeping private enterprise
from billing far too much.

With religious zeal I hope you’ll toil
to effect good plans you’ve crafted.
With faithful Wayne right by your side
I’m sure you won’t get shafted.

Our wide brown sunburned country
by sea it may be girt
but watch out for those Journo’s
always digging dirt.

So Julia, please stay alert.
On you we have relied.
Stay true. Don’t believe you’re Jesus
and don’t get crucified.

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