Possum Sadness

Just thought I would let those of you who have enjoyed my possum photo’s know that a about a week ago I found a dead possum at my garden gate. It had a live baby in its pouch which survived for a further day but in the end did not make it. It is very likely that it was killed by a cat so I am taking this opportunity to plead with those of you who own cats to please keep them indoors at night and make sure they wear a collar with a bell during the day. I like cats but I fear for our wildlife.
The possum in my photo’s – Cheeky Possum , Lodger_2 and The Lodger hasn’t been in his gladstone bag lodgings since I found the body. I had named my lodger Herbert although I wasn’t at all sure of his/her gender. Even though Herbert slept in my Gladstone bag he was very much a wild possum and I deliberately did not try to tame him.
The possum is dead. Long live the possum.
Thanks to my neighbour Emily who did her best to save the baby possum.

PS The story continues

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