Joined June 2008

I live in the Australian countryside with my animals. Together we explore the land around us and their connection with the world helps me...


The Journey Continues by Enivea Morning in Paradise by Enivea The Journey Home by Enivea Beaming by Enivea Step Lightly into the Day by Enivea Infused with Light by Enivea The Bodhi-tree by Enivea Sphere of Light by Enivea Searching for home by Enivea Light the Way by Enivea Out of the darkness....into the fog. by Enivea Caught! by Enivea A curtain of gold by Enivea To catch a cow by Enivea Forest's Edge by Enivea A hush lay over the land. by Enivea Floating.....in the fog by Enivea Starburst by Enivea Search lights in the fog by Enivea Foggy Morn by Enivea The Arch by Enivea  Mornings Like This by Enivea Celebrating the Sun by Enivea Deano by Enivea Ready to escape...... by Enivea Flaming! by Enivea The Amazing and Funny Acrobatic Duo! by Enivea Moonlight becomes her by Enivea Off to work by Enivea "Look what the emu oil did to my hair!" by Enivea Hopping towards the setting sun by Enivea The Meeting of the Earth and the Sky by Enivea How Now Brown Cow by Enivea Singing farewell to Spring by Enivea

To Dare

My furniture was carted off to three different places……reflecting how the process was tearing me apart as well. Talk about a b…
Best Friend Forever by Enivea Smiling in the Sun by Enivea Dos vacas negras by Enivea Home James, and don't spare the horses! by Enivea

Man Friday

My man Friday is a charming creature, who’s devotion to me is unwavering despite my temperamental ups and downs….. / His strong…
The Bridge of Friendship by Enivea

It must be all my fault

I know I mustn’t talk about it / I know I’m too ashamed / It must be all my fault / It must be something I did wrong / I hate i…

The passenger

She looked up briefly as he boarded the train before returning to her book as he sat across the aisle from her. Yet unbidden thoughts of h…

I remember….

I remember sitting on my mother’s knee / And asking for tales of the olden days… / I remember galloping around the garden / Pre…
CAT - a - pulted! by Enivea


It’s easier / If I don’t think / About your hands / Upon my skin / It’s easier / If I don’t think / About your brea…

If I were…

For the softness of poetry is what our heart desires / Not the clanging of reason and intellect and mind

No-where to hide

The madness of the world must be faced. / It cannot be changed. / I cannot change it.

If only

If only I had known you when you were young and vibrant / When you were able to bring life, nourishment and joy / To who-ever came into co…


Yet the forest was the place she returned to again and again; it was the place where she could go about her tasks, unhurried, unheeded.


New spectacles! How wonderful I thought. Now I’ll be able to see clearly again. After a month of using my old ones after damaging m…

The orchard

Peering through the hedge, he checked all about before squeezing through a gap and into the garden.


Running along the beach she felt her steps becoming lighter and lighter. Just a short time ago she had received the news of her successfu…

The Warrior

I go into battle, not just for myself. I go into battle for all those who have been beaten, who have had their spirit broken, and who have…

The eighth dwarf.

He was very rotund, because Atey loved to eat. Anything round especially.
Off for a walk by Enivea Top Dog by Enivea


Not crying / Just wind / In face
Now if I concentrate really hard.... by Enivea

The Mask Is Slipping

Now I am free to express / The joy,

The Turnout Class

…as the judge came around alongside the pony, Rocky turned his head, saw the fluttering tie and grabbed it firmly between his lips! O…

Intrepid Explorers

Live as you have never lived before / Be free to express all that you are

A simple question.

My real feelings are of a such a piercing sharpness that to dance with them is to dance with a tiger.

The Black Dog

Sometimes he sniffs out something old and rotten, buried years before / And then parades about with it with glee.

The Outing

Hmmm…how about that blue lurex….his luck must be in, it’s in his size, and will look fine with the gold shoes he found last vis…

The Plan

That last thing she wanted was to explain why she wanted those items.

A Fel-in-e

Many a time it was only her sensing that alerted her to his presence – when he chose he could be absolutely silent in his stealth.

Boofhead and the Dog

I really thought that Boof had killed the dog, and didn’t feel up to a confrontation with an irate owner.


Who could have foretold that the effect of global warming was to increase gravity.

The kindness of strangers

The kindness of strangers / Goes not unnoticed / The kindness of strangers / Those who act from the heart / Goes not unheeded / The kindnes…


It moves in me / I am / Never knowing where it will strike next / Only knowing that it will / Strike again / Sometimes I can feel / The war…

Almond blossom

Spring / Not far away / Almond blossom / Litters the ground / Yellow / Daffodils / Trumpet

The meeting

It was only her eyes, when you really looked at them, that set her apart from all the others


silent / because I / want to / not / because I am told to

The Fog

Imagine nearly a tonne of live horse flesh pressing against a tiny 30kg….not an equal fight.

The Painting Class

Standing with the sheet of horrible white paper in front of her, she felt a surge of anger. Expecting her to paint with that dreadful runn…

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods. / Once upon a time, I was just Good.

Playing in puddles….

His joy and exuberance were a delight to see, and I was filled with laughter at the sight of him splashing about.

When the Chill Wind Blows…

When the chill wind blows I think of those without shelter, and am sad for them.

When the Time is Right

When the time is right / The seeds will spring forth. / When the time is right, / The growth will happen. / When the time is right, / The …
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